People smoke cigars on all occasions at bars, parties, or for no reason at all just because they feel like it. There are certain occasions that every cigar connoisseur immediately hears and thinks, “I would celebrate that with a cigar.” So here are the top 6 occasions to smoke a cigar for all you newbies or some refreshing reminders for you experienced smokers:

1. Weddings: This is a life-changing event. They are happy events celebrated with a crowd. A good way to immortalize this day is get the groomsmen together to smoke your favorite cigar and have it photographed.

2. Birth of a Baby: This is the most universally recognized time to enjoy a cigar. People smoke blue or pink cigars based on the sex, but real aficionados recommend to stay away from those generic ones and go with a real enjoyable brand.

3. Major Accomplishment: This could be a job promotion and is celebrated in more intimate settings maybe even with the boss! This calls for fancy cigars, one you’ve never tried before to mark a new beginning.

4. Birthdays: These are life milestone birthdays like turning 50, celebrate the gift of living another year

5. Vacation: Merely for the enjoyment of relaxing. Throw a travel humidor in your bags and make your next vacation a special event as you enjoy life without the deadlines and traffic. Time to try new exotic flavors.

6. Good Company: This is just whenever you’re with dear friends or family, after dinner, around a campfire, good way to relax and catch up.

These special occasions are also the perfect moments to enjoy custom cigars to personalize each event!

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