There are several necessities on the golf course. All of these things are essential to a golfer who wants to look and act like a pro. Keeping up on the latest trends in golf helps you go out and compete with confidence. One of the most important accessories to bring along with you is a cigar. They are perfect to enjoy while waiting for the group in front of you or while taking in the relaxing atmosphere.

An important thing to consider is the cigar etiquette on the course. When choosing your cigar, it’s a smarter choice to go with a larger cigar because they last much longer and are easier to relight than smaller ones. They will also give you a sophisticated look on the course. The minimum recommended size of six inches will ensure that the cigar lasts through all of your rounds.

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Sometimes it is difficult to light your cigar on the course because of the wind. If that happens, try blocking it out with your hand or a hat. An important concern is where to place your lit cigar during your turn to golf. If you are concerned with how to manage your golf clubs and your cigar, there are cigar tees that keep your cigar attached to your bag. While keeping it in your mouth is always an option, placing it on a cigar tee, golf cart, or dry grass are always reliable ideas.

Whether you go through one or four cigars in a given game, it’s an accessory that is sure to lighten the mood and act as a great conversation starter between players. The next time you head out to tee up, don’t forget to bring your cigars! Your golfing experience will be significantly better with a stogie by your side.

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