The act of smoking a cigar is a unique experience in itself, but having a few tricks up your sleeve can make for some fun competition. Why not produce a few smoke rings from your mouth after saving a sweet cigar?  After inhaling the cigar’s aroma, keep a good amount of smoke in your mouth. Suck your cheeks in leaving your mouth open about the size of a quarter, in the shape of a circle. The trick when exhaling is not to blow out, but push out a small controlled cough. The coughs shouldn’t be loud or even audible. It should be just enough to get a controlled amount of smoke into the air. This allows for perfect floating rings. The trick is, with every good thing in life, practice. It really does make perfect.

When you’ve mastered the art of blowing smoke rings, be sure to show your friends what you’ve learnt and maybe even teach them a thing or two and challenge them to see what they can do.  You are bound to impress them and there’s nothing wrong with some friendly competition.

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