A favorite past time of many cigar aficionados is enjoying a smoke at a cigar lounge. There are a few things that make a mediocre and excellent lounge stand apart. When selecting our weekly cigar lounges to present to our followers we look at all four conditions. Most obviously the lounge needs to have cigars, and lots of them. Not just the popular ones that “tourist” people may enjoy but not know the difference between the two. There needs to be a wide variety that will satisfy any need of the most nit picky smoker. Hand in hand with the variety of cigars is a knowledgeable staff. Someone who’s been studying the art of cigars for several years and is an avid smoker themselves. They need to be able to educate, entertain, and recommend suitable pairings of food and drinks. Some places think that if they throw a couple chairs together and sell cigars they can call themselves a lounge; however, lounges are more than just that. They are about setting up an experience for their customers. Cigars are a luxury item, when one lights up they want their experience to mirror that as well. A lounge with an appropriate theme can set this mood for their customers and elevate the smoking experience by ten folds, it can make you feel as if you’re on vacation in the Havana enjoying a cigar. The last criteria to be met is storage conditions. The humidor where the cigars are kept needs to be cool, not cold but cool with a hint of humidity. Every good lounge will have something called a hygrometer which tells the humidity and temperature, so look for that. If the cigar lounge doesn’t get this right, it means that the cigars are not being stored properly, and may taste or burn funny.

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