The hobby of smoking cigars has always been dominated by men. In fact women make up a mere 10 percent of current cigar consumers. With a slump in sales in Cuba, distributers looked for new ways to reach more consumers and increase sales.  This resulted in the idea to target the female market with a new slimmer cigar called the Julieta. This is a pretty cigar embossed with gold and red bands. When making the cigar they kept in mind the size, blend, and its packaging to portray a positive womanly experience.

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There has been mixed feelings about the way they are marketing this new demographic. Critics suggest that these cigars are too girly and true women cigar smokers would enjoy the same range of cigars that men smoke. These critics see the new cigar as a sexist tactic to appeal to women.  However, many proponents of the product love this idea to appeal to more customers. They feel that since most women are not big cigar smokers, throwing them head first into the water is not likely to get them to enjoy their experience. However, if you ease them into the experience with something more gentle, they are more likely to feel more comfortable and stick to the product. So for all you women out there, it’s time to step up and join the big boys in cigar smoking, one step at a time.

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