The humidor is an essential accessory for maintaining the quality of your cigars for an extended period of time.  Cigars are kept fresh when stored in the ideal temperature and humidity levels –below 73 degrees and between 65 and 72 percent humidity– which a humidor offers.  If a cigar’s environment is not humid enough, the cigar will shrink and give a poor draw, but if a cigar’s environment is too humid, it will become hard to draw on and keep lit.

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For optimal results from your humidor, remember to rotate your cigar collection about once a month and keep an eye on its humidity levels while doing so.  If the humidity levels fall below 65 percent, you can remoisten the humidor with a plastic sheet on the bottom and a damp towel on top of the plastic.  Likewise, if your humidor has a humidity of over 72 percent, you can decrease these levels by leaving its lid open for an hour or two.  When the humidity level is in the proper range, be sure to not keep your humidor open for long when choosing a cigar.

Regarding the humidor’s temperature, be sure that you keep your humidor out of direct sunlight so that the temperature does not rise above 73 degrees.  Also, be sure to remove cigars from any cellophane wrapper that they may be in before placing them in the humidor to allow curing to take place.

The humidor is an accessory that all cigar-smokers should own, as it provides the cigar aficionado with the optimal cigar even many months after it was purchased.

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