In a recent article in The New York Times, flavored cigars have been identified as the most recent trend in popular tobacco.

While certain laws left the responsibility of limiting the distribution of flavored cigars, also known as swishers, up to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2009, the administrative body has made no definitive motion toward banning flavored products, making now the optimal time to make your purchases.

With flavored cigars, two factors account for the product’s popularity. Any basic economics class will tell you that the lower the price is, the higher the demand. In many gas stations or other locations where basic flavored cigars are sold, a three-pack can be as cheap as $1, allowing consumers to enjoy the sweet flavor of these cigars without burning a hole in anyone’s pocket.

The second is the flavors themselves. A wide variety of blends, from cherry to mocha, make cigars more widely popular.  A typical cigar without fragrances may taste too harsh to the average consumer, but the sweet, aromatic flavored cigars offered by a wide variety of companies now make cigars perfect for any social gathering or everyday consumers.

Custom Tobacco offers its customers a wide range of flavored cigars to either purchase individually or in conjunction with our traditional blends. Flavors offered on our new website include vanilla macadamia, honey maple, mojito rum, crème brulee, mocha latte, nag champa, cherry jubilee and Sambuca. Mix and match as you please in order to provide your guests or complete your cigar collection with diverse flavors that will surely match all tastes and preferences.

Our new line of flavored cigars expands on our idea of “luxury for the individual,” providing you, the customer, with even more options to create the ideal cigar smoking experience.

Whatever your flavor preference, light up and relax with Custom Tobacco.

To read the full New York Times article, click here.

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