Figurados are cigars unlike the typical parejeos; they have different shaping and sizing. Because they are more difficult to make, they are usually considered higher quality. After an absence form the cigar scene since 1930’s, these irregular cigars are gaining popularity again. Some of the most popular figurados are listed below.

Torpedo: They have a very similar shape to a typical cigar, but the end is pointed.

Pyramid: As expected with the name, these cigars are bigger than a parejeo at the base and pointed at the top.

Perfecto: It is very similar to a torpedo, only it bulges in the middle and the base is closed. These can have a wide range of thickness and length.

Presidente/Diadema: It has a similar shape of a parejeo, but with a closed foot and is a really large size. They are 8 inches in length or more!

Culebras: These cigars are especially rare and massive in size. They comprise of three parejeos braided together!

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