Are you a new cigar smoker? Well, don’t just try to light the tip and start puffing away—it’s not going to work! Unlike cigarettes, cigars have one head closed that needs to be cut before you can light away. But how exactly do you cut it? Sure, you could use scissors, a pocketknife, horseshoe nails, teeth, or precision cigar tools, but that’s all useless unless you know how to actually open the cigar! A bad cut will ruin your smoke.
The idea of the perfect cut is to open the cigar just enough to have clean inhales, but not large enough where the cigar falls apart and unrolls. On most cigars, this means about 1/16th of an inch from the top. But what if you don’t have an exact measuring tool? A useful rule of thumb is to cut right where the cigar starts to thicken and become straight.

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Another method of cutting is creating a V-shaped wedge at the top of the cigar. This will keep the cigar from falling apart, all while giving a smooth draw. However, there is a downside. The draw may be too good. If the V-shaped cut is too deep, or you chew on the cigar, the leaves can become too hot while inhaling. This can only leave you with a discomforted throat!

Next time you’re about to cut your custom tobacco cigar, aim for the perfect opening. It is a straight, clean slice 1/16th inch from the top. If you’re a newbie, good luck on perfecting your cuts! If you’re an avid tobacco puffer and don’t have a specialized tobacco cutter, get one! It will make your perfect cuts even better.

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