Canoeing is a flaw in a cigar’s burn, in which a narrow strip burns quicker than the rest of the cigar, making a burnout canoe effect.


This is the cigar’s wrapper, or outer leaf.

Cigar Boom:

The stellar rise in premium, handmade cigar sales that began in late 1992 and peaked in 1997. Premium cigar imports soared from about 100 million units to more than 400 million by 1997. While the rise changed the industry forever and revitalized the cigar business, there were also negatives involved.

Cigar Lounge:

A sanctuary where smoking cigars is welcome. More and more cigar stores are opening lounges to provide a place for their customers to smoke in comfort.


The draw refers to the air that gets pulled through a lit cigar. It can be too easy (hot) or too tight

Dry Draw:

The dry draw is when you suck air through the cigar prior to lighting (also called a cold taste). This can tell you how well a cigar will draw, and it will also give you a first impression of how the cigar may taste after lighting.


Cooling cabinets in which cigars are kept at the factory for a few weeks after they have been rolled

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