First of all, cigars are much more versatile than cigarettes. While cigarettes are limited to small and a little less smaller, cigars come in a variety of sizes, not only by length but by width. Long and slender, short and thick, and everything in between, cigars have what you want. And if you still prefer the short stick of the cigarette, cigars have that option for you too called cigarillos. Why settle when you can go big?

The strength of a cigar is unmatched by a cigarette. A measly cigarette allows for only ten minutes, at most, of enjoyment. And who really wants that? But with cigars, you can choose how long you want to go. Great cigars can last from 2-3 hours, while others may range around half an hour to one. Also, with cigars you don’t have to inhale the smoke into your lungs, unlike cigarettes. You just need to inhale the smoke and let it linger in your mouth to gain satisfaction.

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Finally, the way the mighty cigar trumps the cigarette is the fact that it can be customized for your tastes. Not only can the size be chosen, as discussed above, but the taste and looks can be customized. Real cigars can range from creamy to peppery, from sweet to nutty. And going further from just the taste, customizing cigar bands is also growing big. From bachelor parties to weddings, customized cigar bands bring something new to the table. When was the last time you saw customized cigarettes? Never. That’s when.

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