It’s not unheard of to see your dream girl in the clouds, perhaps a burger and fries if you’re really hungry, but seeing a cigar hovering the earth, that’s just desperate for a source of relaxation.  

Army Helicopter Encounters UFO 1973

When a four-man crew of an Army Reserve helicopter encountered a UFO while flying over Ohio, the cigar-shaped beam was first thought to be a radio tower beacon; however, when the crew tried to descend to avoid collision, the beam halted in front of them and hovered right over the helicopter – terrifying the crew. The identification of the cigar-shaped UFO has never been disclosed.

Pilot Spots UFO over Mojave Desert 1985

Pilot David Hastings spotted this cigar-shaped UFO while piloting a plane over the Mojave Dessert.  The siting remains a mystery today.

Government Employee spots UFO Hovering 1964

An unidentified flying object was spotted over Holloman Base on New Mexico and was photographed. This has been deemed by conspiracy theorists that the U.S. government has a relationship with aliens.

Pennsylvania UFO Siting Arises Questions 2013

As a driver was traveling in South Pennsylvania, he reported an extremely large unidentified foreign object to be hovering above the hills.  Perhaps the most boggling part about is this is there was a reported similar UFO siting in Bracknell, U.K.  three days prior.

Cigar-Shaped UFO Baffles Brits 2011

Flying over Denton, Manchester, in the U.K., a UFO was seen hovering, flipping and changing colors. After 40 minutes of visibility, the object rose too high to be seen.  Although the identification of the UFO remains untold, the photographer strongly believes it is a solar balloon.

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