Want to take your hobby to greater heights? Make a ‘Coolidor,’ a humidor made out of a cooler. It takes about half the time of smoking a really good cigar (a.k.a. 30 minutes.) 

Given a cooler’s airtight seal and humidity lock, it is perfect for holding your next batch of stogies. If you were to have a humidor the size of a cooler, you’d be out $500, but the average cooler only costs about $40. 

Material’s Necessary: 

50 quart cooler

Cigar Humidification Device: For example – RH beads, any electric-type cigar humidifier

Cigar Hygrometer: Make sure you purchase one that you can calibrate. 

Step One: Pick a dry, cool area away from sunlight, such as a closet or basement. It must be below 78 Fahrenheit. 

Step Two: Prep the cooler for cigars by pouring a mixture of hot water an baking soda into it and letting it sit overnight. 

Step Three: In the morning, rinse out the baking soda and pour out the solution. Then, bring the topless cooler outside to bake in the sun for about 8 hours. 

Step Four: Pour half a box of baking soda into a dish and place it inside the cooler, and let it sit for one more night. 

Step Five: The following morning, check for any lingering odors. Once it is no longer reminiscent of its original scent, you are ready to work!

Step Six: Install the hygrometer and humidifiers inside the cooler by mounting them at any place you deem they will not be bumped nor bothered. 

Step Seven: Close the ‘Coolidor’ and check it routinely, making sure it is at 63-70% RH. When it is at this safe zone, place your cigars inside their new home, while checking regularly to make sure it is stable. 

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