When you hear a cloudy voice over the airport loud speaker, your stomach clenches up

Please don’t be delayed, please don’t be delayed, please don’t be delayed.

Your flight has been delayed.

However, there is hope for relief and even a little bit of fun – that is, if you are delayed in one of these airports that have great smoking areas.

1. McCarran International Airport 

Perhaps it is only fitting that the Las Vegas airport is complete with a smoking/slot machine area where you can truly make the most of your layover. 

2. Tampa International Airport

In true Floridian fashion, Tampa serves as one of the only airports in the U.S. that allows you to smoke outside, without having to go through security again, allowing you to bring matches and lighters through security for this purpose. 

3. Washington Dulles International Airport

Being the busiest airport in the area, passengers thank God for the boastful Dulles smoke lounges littered throughout three different terminals. 

4. Nashville International Airport

In true country-western spirit, one can relieve their stress with a cigar smoking session on your layover. 

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