1.Drinking Alcohol
Alcohol and tobacco are a very popular mix in general, and is highly recommended to accompany either activity. Alcohol and tobacco mix very well. The drink helps to take out the dry mouth obtained from smoking while smoking helps to digest and settle the stomach after drinking. But not every alcoholic beverage will suit every cigar. For instance, a strong cigar would not go well with a lighter beer. Drinks like Kahlua work well with cigar smoking, and a good drink to make would be a White Russian, which consists of Kahlua, vodka and cream. Another suggestion would be a single malt scotch, which isn’t overpowered by strong cigars. Mild cigars are a good pairing with mellow wheat beers or lager, such as the Te-amo World Selection Cuba Blend. Hoppier drinks like the India pale ale goes better with stronger types of cigars. Cigars with dark wrappers, such as Romeo y Julieta, go well with stouts or heavy porters.

2. Playing Golf
If you are a cigar smoker looking for a new hobby or sport to play, you may want to consider picking up a golf club. Golf courses were made for the cigar smoker, who doesn’t have to worry about bothering others sensitive to tobacco smoke, as there is a lot of space for the smoke to filter out. With most other sports it is difficult to not bother someone while smoking. Smoking cigars while playing a round of golf has always been a tradition. If you go to a good golf course you will see an abundance of people smoking cigars. Some good recommendations to bring to the golf course would be the Perdomo Reserve Champagne Noir Super Toro for the experienced golfer and smoker, which has a great draw with an even burn. Arturo Fuente cigars are also very flavorful and economically reasonable. Cigars can be enjoyed after a birdie or with an alcoholic beverage. Nothing beats being with your friends at a golf course while enjoying the taste and smell of natural tobacco.

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3. Eating
When there is a good mix of both food and alcohol, each enhances the other. Neither one should overpower the other though. Food that matches full-bodied cigar smoking best would be venison,black angus steak, pulled pork, fish and mashed potatoes. Snack foods also go well with cigars, such as olives, cheese, salami and pepperoni. Spicier cigars work better for barbecue food.

4. Working in the Yard
While doing chore work that may be tedious, cigars provided an added benefit to making the activities more bearable. For those who enjoy doing yard work, cigars make the experience even more enjoyable. Smoking cigars work for mowing the lawn and raking leaves. You may want to consider saving the better stuff for the time that you relax, while smoking cheaper brands when working. Some good recommendations would be the Flor de Oliva or AF Curly Head deluxe Maduros. Lesser quality cigars are better for when you are working in the yard or cooking in the grill.

5. Playing Poker
This entry should not come as very surprising, and you probably have an image in your head of a couple of friends playing cards with a fat cigar in their mouth. Good cigars for the big game would be the Kristoff GC Signature Series, as they are high quality and come in a variety of top grade wrappers. Paul McKinney, a famed poker player nicknamed “Cigar” smoked a variety of different brands during his games, such as Phillies and King Edwards. Cigars can also help one concentrate while taking you to a state of peace and tranquility. You can also use puffs to mislead the other player as smoking cigars will make your face and actions unreadable when all cigar puffs are consistent throughout the game.

6. Fishing
Nothing says American louder than fishing while smoking a cigar. Sitting on an ice chest, drinking beer and smoking a big and long lasting cigar while fishing can go together very well. Just don’t hold your cigar close to the line when reeling it in, as you don’t want to burn it and lose your fish. Smaller ring gauge cigars work better because they are easier to hold in the mouth, like Coronas.

7. Watching Sports
Watching sports and smoking cigars go together better than cookies n cream, as they are both a manly pastime that allows for social bonding. Whether the sport be football, baseball or basketball, being at a cigar bar with friends or at home in one’s man cave is sure to be a night of fun. Just be sure to have an air purification system to accommodate five cigars while smoking indoors, however.

8. Reading
Whether you’re into newspapers, fiction, or self-help books , smoking a cigar is a relaxing addition to the pleasure of reading. Kindles or Tablets are good if you’re worried about the effects of ash on paper. There is something peaceful about sitting outside with a good cigar and book in hand. A good suggestion would be to browse Cigar Aficionado magazines while enjoying your favorite brand.

9. Camping
What is more enjoyable than sitting in front of a campfire, enjoying nature, gazing up at the stars and roasting marshmallows while smoking a delicious cigar? Nothing, except doing the said activity while camping on the beach. You won’t need an ashtray, as you can discard a finished cigar into the fire pit. Just make sure to keep your cigars fresh with a humidor or other similar means.

10. Nothing
While there are many activities one can incorporate their cigar smoking into, one of the best things to do while smoking is just sitting on your porch and simply being. You could relax and reflect upon life in general, admire the beauty of nature and your surroundings, or simply focus on the cigar and nothing else. You could be alone or be with a couple of friends.

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