Cigar smokers have been a part of film and television since their inception. Cigars themselves are often important props that help the audience form a better idea of who a character may be.

cigar, smoker, tv, film, cosmo, kramer, seinfeld, funny, tobacco, smokeCosmo Kramer

An occasional cigar smoker, but notorious nonetheless, Cosmo Kramer, comes in at number 5 on this short list of smokers. Possibly the most memorable “Seinfeld” scene of him enjoying a cigar ends with his hair on fire as he then stumbles into the bathroom to put it out. While Kramer may not be as suave or powerful like the rest of the cigar smokers on this list it is hard not to respect his love for a good cigar.

Tony, Soprano, Sopranos, cigar, smoker, smoke, mafia, tv, funny, angryTony Soprano

Now the list turns to the tough and notorious men of film and Tony Soprano is the epitome of just that. A mob boss, a father and a cigar lover. It almost seems as if he has a cigar in his hands more times than not throughout the entire television series “The Sopranos.” Whether he is relaxing at home or berating someone, Tony does it with a cigar in hand.

Man with No Name, Clint, Eastwood, Dollars, Good, Bad, Ugly, movie, film, cigarMan with No Name

The Man with No Name is number three on this list of most memorable cigar smokers in film and television because of his sheer manliness and mystique. Uttering but only a few words throughout the entire “Dollars Trilogy,” the Man with No Name leaves a memorable image in the audience’s mind: rough and tough always with a cigar in his mouth. Truly one of film’s greatest protagonists.

Arnold, Schwarzenegger, Predator, film, movie, cigar, smoker, Major, Alan, DutchMajor Alan “Dutch” Schaefer

Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer ranks number two on this short list of cigar smokers. There are many reasons why he is one of the most memorable. For one, he fights for his life against a heinous creature originating from a different planet. And two, “Dutch” is played by the big and beefy Arnold Schwarzenegger. Those two facts alone make Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer one of the most memorable cigar smokers in film and television.

Tony, Montana, Scarface, movie, film, gangster, cigar, smoker, rich, cubanTony Montana

Numero uno. Tony Montana, Hollywood’s most memorable gangster, has left a long, lasting impression in the world of film. Known for his brutal tactics and cocaine habit, Tony Montana will stop at nothing to get what he wants. It is also inherently evident that he has a taste for the finer things that money can buy such as homes, cars, clothes, and cigars. In a scene that perfectly displays the extent of Tony’s expensive taste he can be seen puffing on a cigar as he lounges in a large, in- ground bathtub.

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