Traveling at times can be eccentric, it can be nerve racking, but most of all it can be exciting. Travel inspires us because of all the new and eye-opening experiences we have. When abroad and seeing the world with your loved ones, best friends, or backpacking friends it’s always good to know the best places to hang loose, chill out, and meet new people. A great thing to do is to find the best smoking lounges across the globe. Cigar smoking is an old fashioned and modern tradition adored by people across the world. We often smoke cigars during happy times. This ranges from your nightly poker games with your buddies, to your daughter’s college graduation, and even to when you’re traveling the world. Below is a list of the TOP 5 countries that you should smoke a cigar in and why it jives perfectly with the country’s culture.


eiffel tower, france, smoking, cigarsThe tobacco days in France started long ago by a man named Jean Nicot. Nicot was a French diplomat that introduced tobacco, and, more importantly, cigars to this nation. After Nicot brought this elegant and tasty smoking concept to France, it instantly became ingrained in their culture. France is a great place to plop in a stogie because you’ll be at one with their culture. In France 39% of male adults and 27% of female adults puff the cigar. So if you plan on getting acquainted with the locals this is the best way to do it.





Ah, Switzerland. Lake Geneva, Zurich, the beautiful views, the peaceful life, and the place that’s recognized as the closest country to perfection. The Swiss are delightful people who live in a delightful place. When you’geneva, switzerland, cigars re in beautiful places, isn’t it just a perfect time to smoke a stogie? If you plan on sailing or to sit high above on a plateau overlooking the city, it’s nothing short of mandatory to puff here in Switzerland. Also, if you’re looking for something more towards a party vibe Switzerland is home to some pristine smoking lounges. A great lounge to smoke stogies at is in Zurich. “AURA Bar and Smoking Lounge” is top notch; this is the place that all the Swiss cigar aficionados smoke at. Lovely people smoke at this bar, both young and old. Switzerland is wonderful, and an even greater place to smoke cigars.


“Hey, do you want to smoke that Cuban?” These words are spoken by people who want to smoke high-end cigars. Cubans regard cigars as a national treasure. The day Columbus landed on Cuba was the day that sparked the marriage of Cuba and Cigars. Cuba is home to the finest hand-rolled cigars and flavor blenders. Cuban cigars are also known to be extremely pricey, as well as extremely tasty.

cuba, cigars, cuban cigarsThey are known in the cigar community as one of a kind and are extremely beloved. Five of the top ten most expensive cigars are also Cuban. The most expensive Cuban cigar sold for a whopping $507,000. Cuba is also known for its rich history in places such as Old Havana and for its stunning beaches such as Caya Coco. When visiting the place that created the stogie how could you not light up?





Whether you’re working with the beloved elephants in Surin, backpacking in Chiang-Mai, or relaxing on the beach in Phucket there is never not a time to smoke a cigar. Thailand is known for their welcoming and generous smoking Thailand, Cigars, smoking culture. This unique nation has its own eccentric dynamic beloved by all travelers. The unique foods like chicken blood, and the jaw-dropping views at Doi-Suthep temple are just the forefront of how amazing Thailand is. When backpacking throughout Thailand, it’s hard not to want to join in with others who are smoking stogies. It’s also hard not to want to smoke a cigar when sailing through the South Pacific on a boat. In order to indulge in the complete Thailand experience, it’s essential to light the ol’ stogie.









PUFF, PUFF, PUFF. Israel is one of the coastal countries on the Mediterranean Sea. All the nations that border this sea are heavily invested in the smoking culture. Israel is at the heart of this. When taking a trip into the heart of Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv you most likely can’t walk 100 yards without someone smoking a cigar.

israel, smoking, cigars Despite the smoking ban placed on the citizens in 2012, the smoking culture hasn’t hindered one bit. Smoking here, you feel more in tune with the citizens than at any other country mentioned above. As the old hub (was the hub before the ban) of Mediterranean smoking culture, you are truly able to connect with the citizens. Whether this is outside in public or at one of their top-notch smoking lounges.

What to smoke when out in the world

When out and about in the world it’s always a tough decision on what to smoke. That’s why customizing your own cigar is the new fad. Custom Tobacco  is a top-notch DIY tobacco company that offers high end and tasty cigars at an affordable price. With this tobacco company you have the power to customize your own band with things such as your name, and you can also hand pick any specific blend. Cigars add that magic touch to your travel experience, so never forget to pack them in your suitcase!

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