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People write for many reasons. Some people write for the love of it, some write because they do not have a choice. Either way, everyone has encountered writer’s block at one point or another. Words need to be hitting the paper, but your mind is on a vacation. It is the most frustrating thing in the world for a writer when they are unable to conceive a formidable idea worth writing. Luckily, there are steps that other writers have taken to overcome this obstacle. Here is a list of suggestions to help you through your creative rut.

Change Your Medium

Change can be good, especially when it comes to the medium you typically write on. If you type your work on the computer opt for a pen and paper instead and vice versa. If you normally write on a yellow legal pad with a pen try writing in a notebook with a pencil. Whatever it is, switch it up. You were not getting any work done on the medium you have been using so, what could a little change hurt?

Go for a Walk

You have been sitting in the same spot for hours attempting to write, but to no avail. Get up out of your seat and go outside for a walk. A little movement and some fresh air may be all you need to clear your mind, allowing your creative juices to flow. Fresh air is a cure to all so get as much as you need before sitting back down to write. If you cannot go for a walk outside then at least walk around your home or your office or wherever it is that you are writing.

Write for Yourself

For the most part when someone writes they are writing to please people, whether it is a boss or an audience. Take a break from writing for other people are write for yourself for a while. It is difficult to please other people especially when the things you write are coming from your own mind. Be a little narcissistic and make the tough task of writing pleasurable. You may find writer’s block to be only but a small bump on your road of writing.

Drink Coffee

Coffee is sure to give you that caffeine boost you need to get through writer’s block. Get away from your pen and paper and make yourself a cup of coffee to kick start your brain. You can even get fresh air as well as go for a walk on your way to get coffee. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. You could even visit a friend or family while you are out drinking your coffee. Take your mind off writing for a little while and switch it out for coffee and conversation. It could be the concoction you need to finally put words on paper.


Human are naturally creatures of routine. So, it is assumed that you have some sort of routine time or place that you dedicate to writing. Seeing the same things and being in the same place every time you write can be mentally dulling. How are you supposed to come up with new ideas if you are not seeing anything new? Change is good. Instead of sitting inside at your desk write outside in the grass or at a café. A change of scenery can go a long way just like a change of time can. Your mind is in different states at different times throughout the day. If you are used to writing at night your mind can easily be stuck in the rut each time you sit down to write. Write in the morning when you wake up instead of right before you go to bed. Whatever it is, try branching out from your normal routine.

Movies and Books

Other forms of art can be incredibly inspiring to other artists struggling to create something of their own. There is something about viewing other people’s work and losing yourself in it. Therefore, watching movies and reading books can be very helpful when combating writer’s block. They both allow you to lose yourself in someone else’s story. Inspiration does not always have to come from within you. It can come from someone else or all around you. So, lose yourself in an enchanting movie or an exciting book and you might find the inspiration you have been longing for.

Take a Shower

For some reason showers allow you to think freely. It is the place where the best ideas seem to bloom and it is a great way to reset your mind and body. You do not even have to wash up just stand underneath the shower head, letting the warm water wash over you. You can even take a bath if you prefer. Indulge in the relaxation powers that warm running water brings, then get back to your writing with a fresh mindset.

Turn Your Phone Off

Whenever you are writing you should turn your phone off as well as any other electronic distraction around you such as a computer. If you are typing on your computer there are apps that you can download that will prevent you from doing anything else except write. Try out different apps and see which one works best for you. Electronics can be extremely inhibiting when you have the internet, social media, and endless games available to you at the touch of a button. Turn it all off. You may be missed by your significant other when you do not respond to their texts, but having no distractions is vital. Set aside a time slot of an hour or so where all distractions will be turned off so you can optimize your creative ability.

Smoke Break

Step away from your writing and have a smoke or two! Cigarettes, cigars, or vapes. Have a seat outside and enjoy the outdoors while you light up. Smoking has a stimulating effect on the mind much like coffee while it can also have a relaxing effect. You can even dedicate certain cigars to beating writer’s block. When you visit you can personally customize your own cigar bands. Customize your cigar band with “F U Writer’s Block” or something of the sort that will remind you why you are smoking and give you the confidence boost you need to get the monkey off your back.


There are endless options when it comes to exercise. You can do jumping jacks, go for a run, lift weights, do sit ups and push-ups, or go for a swim. Anything that gets you moving is a plus. Although studies say that aerobic exercises where you are constantly moving and exerting energy are better for improving blood flow which will in turn increase your brain power. Exercise in general releases endorphins in the brain giving you what some people call a “runner’s high.” Try out different physical activities to find out which one gives you that high and puts you back on your creative path.

Writer’s block is the arch enemy of any writer. It becomes unbelievably stressful and irritating when staring at a blank page of paper unable to think of anything worthwhile to write. Luckily, no writer is alone in this fight. Every writer has experienced it at one point or another and each one has their own remedy for beating it. Do not succumb to the debilitating effects of writer’s block. Try out one or more of these techniques that other writers have used and see which one will help you out of your creative rut. You can also tweak any of these suggestions as you see necessary, but never give up when the going gets tough. Whatever you do keep calm and keep writing.

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