Are you looking to boost your manliness. Lately, you haven’t felt in tune with your manhood. Well here are different ways you can improve your daily lifestyle to show off your great masculinity.

#1: A good cologne

Implementing a fresh, masculine scent will boost your confidence and catch the attention of those around you. It is important to choose a scent that isn’t too strong.  You don’t want to attract the wrong attention, like fruit flies. A scent like Azure Lime by Tom Ford is a classic scent.  The scent is fresh and dynamic. It is unique, but not overwhelming. It is the perfect scent that expresses your personality and good taste. With a good nose for cologne, your masculinity will be at its peak. If you want a smokier scent, try John Varvatos. The scent is bold and rich. It is a sexy scent that is perfect to reflect your classic and modern taste.


#2: A good scruff or beard.

Some extra facial hair will scream masculine from afar. A nice scruff or a full on beard will be sure to attract some sexy attention. A well kept beard demonstrates care for your appearence and desire to look well groomed. So grow yourself a sexy beard and promote your manliness.

#3: A neat man bun

Grow out your hair and ignore the stereotypes. A nice mane will promote your manliness and desire to express your style despite the norms. Imagine being in hot yoga and in your downward dog making your way up through a sun salutation. Your mane would look great. Imagine yourself on the beach and running through the sand. Your hair flows with the wind. It would look great.

#4:  Your emotional side

Nothing is sexier and more manly than a guy who is in touch with his sensitive side. You wanna shed some tears after that recent Fifty Shades of Grey film? Do it. A man who is in tune with his feelings is a real man.

#5: Smoke a cigar

When you walk by a guy smoking a cigar, you’re immediately hit with his masculinity and sexiness. You want to be him, know him and smell like him. His smoking a authentic cigar gives off a rich, musky aroma. Custom Tobacco offers authentic blends and customizable bands that enrich your smoking experience. Individualize this activity with high quality cigars and great deals.

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