Relaxing on an island on the other side of the world, away from the burdens of society, is something we would like to do once a month if we could, but sadly we can’t. Instead of sipping on a pina-colada and watching the clear blue water glisten delicately from the rays of sunshine, you are most likely going to be watching two and three year-olds tinkle in the chlorine filled tub of water called a pool. Although your Saturday and Sunday may be something similar to what was mentioned in the former you don’t have to fear because there are three essential things that you can do to enhance your relaxation experience.

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The Relaxation Enhancers

Bring Sunglasses 

Okay, this may seem like a pretty basic task, and you may ask, “how will this make my experience better?” Sunglasses give you that beach-y feel. When you throw on those shades people are less likely to bother you, which in turn allows you to sit down, close your eyes, and soak up the sun. Sunglasses make people less likely to bother you because it gives off the vibe that you don’t want to talk to anyone, and just want to chill because nobody can tell where your eyes are focusing. Wearing sunglasses is a small but useful step you can take to tuning out those irritating little kid crying noises and loud belly flops from the husky kid on the other side of the pool.

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Bring a Book 

Delve yourself into a world of fantasy, mystery, philosophy, or horror when you’re butt is pasted to the milky white lounge chair overlooking the pool. Reading is like candy for the brain, it makes you high on life. Whether you’re reading a Stephen King nightmare thriller such as IT or the pretentious lit snob’s David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, it will calm your brain as well as emotions, and it will make you feel at peace despite all the loud and obnoxious splashing going on in the pool.

Bring a Cigar 

Post up, and let those chicken legs dangle in that luke warm pee-pee water. Even with the uncomfortable thought that your legs may be floating amongst unsanitary liquid your body will be at peace. Smoking a cigar sends enlightening shockwaves throughout your body, which by default makes you just as relaxed as you would be if your feet were dangling off a floating hut in Fiji. A great choice of cigar for the pee-pee public pool is one from Custom Tobacco. Custom Tobacco allows you to personalize the cigar band, the wrapper, and the blend. With their A1 quality combined with your perfect cigar sitting at a piss-infested public pool can’t be to bad.


 Tying it All Together

A customized cigar perched between your lips, a book in your dominant hand, and some polarized shades to cover your precious eyeballs all make for a satisfying day at the pool. These small little things will help make your day ten times better and help you feel as though you’re at Fiji.

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