"james, bond, cigar, class, women, custom, tobacco, spy"For many, James Bond is the epitome of suave and class. He is adored by men and women alike. Men look up to him because of his luxurious style, his ability to make any woman fall for him, and his occupation: a spy. Women are fond of him for many of the same reasons. He is confident, stylish beyond comprehension, and his occupation is mysterious and dangerous. To sum it up, everyone either wants to be James Bond or be with James Bond. So, here is a guide that will hopefully satisfy both of those desires by make more men resemble James Bond.

"james, bond, cigar, tobacco, custom, women, spy"

Educate Yourself

It is of utmost importance that you educate yourself. Educate yourself not only on what James Bond represents, but on various worldly topics. James Bond is a smart man. He attended college, which means he knows a thing or two. It is not exactly clear what he studied, but you cannot be as dull as a brick and get into college. If you do not, or did not, go to college it is not too late to educate yourself. Read a book. Rather, read a lot of books! There is limitless knowledge out there within reach. Women also love an educated man who talk about more than their bros or how drunk they get. Engage in stimulating conversation about topics that actually matter for once. Not only does being educated help James Bond in the female department, but it is necessary for him to do his job. He is a spy that travels the world. He needs to know different cultures and how they work in order to blend in.

"james, bond, tobacco, custom, cigar, women, spy"

Dress the Part

Do you ever see James Bond in sweatpants and a graphic t-shirt? No, just like you never see him in basketball shorts or a jersey either. Instead of always dressing for comfort, try dressing to impress. As they, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” If you dress well, you will create a lasting image in the minds of people you meet. This is something James Bond does with perfect execution. While he typically sports an expensive tuxedo, it is not necessary for everyday dress. More often than not you can dress up simply with a nice pair of jeans and a button up shirt. Shoes are also an important addition to dressing to impress. Refrain from wearing the running sneakers or the beat up Converse. Overall, ditch the comfy clothes for clothes a bit more on the dress side. Women want a man that has a sense of style.

"james, bond, cigar, custom, tobacco, spy, women"

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize…

Accessories are the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to dressing. There are men who accessorize and then there are men that blend into a crowd. And when talking about accessories that does not mean diamond earrings and gold chains. Those are the type of accessories that bring about attention in the wrong way. When wondering what to accessorize your outfit with remember; what would James Bond wear? Nine times out of ten asking yourself that question will solve your dilemma. Typically, a watch will do. Preferably, an analog clock and a band that goes with what you’re wearing that day. Digital watches can seem a bit childish and even if you cannot tell time on an analog watch you always have your smartphone! Also, when it is sunny out you cannot go wrong with sunglasses. Once again, refrain from the childish pair with the neon arms.

"james, bond, spy, women, custom, tobacco, cigar"

The Finer Things

Anyone who knows James Bond knows that he enjoys a martini and smoke. While a martini might not be your drink of choice, you can still take a note on James Bond. He knows how to order a drink, “a dry martini, shaken, not stirred” to be more specific. Knowledge of finer things may not only impress the women you seek, but also reflect on your education. Not only should you know how to order a drink, but when at a bar you should drink finer alcohol. That means not Bud Light. Try a whiskey or a bourbon. They are a bit more class than a light beer from a can. If you recall, James Bond also enjoys a smoke! Ditch the cigarette for a cigar because nothing says class like a man with a cigar. No one said that you have to smoke it. You can always opt out for carrying it in a shirt pocket or holding it, unlit, in your mouth. You can even go a step further and customize your cigar band at customtobacco.com.

Whether you want to be James Bond or be with James Bond, everyone can appreciate the fictional character. He exudes confidence, class, and intelligence. Things any person can appreciate. Hopefully, this guide will bring you one step closer to being the famous spy.

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