Fall is known for many things; Halloween, Thanksgiving, orange trees and slightly cooler weather. But some of the things that make fall most exciting are the various smells flowing in the air.

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  1. Your Thanksgiving Feast

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This meal awakens all of the senses, but the smell of the turkey coming out the oven is one of the best moments of the year. The symphony of mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and freshly baked bread keeps a permanent smile on your face.

2. Halloween Candy

fall, autumn, halloween, candy, exciting

The sweet smell of candy will take you back to the overwhelming sense of success you felt after a long night of trick-or-treating as a kid.

3. The Fireplace

fire, fireplace, fall, autumn, smell, smoky

The smoky smell of burning wood as well as the anticipation for making s’mores will get you sitting in front of the fire in no time.

4. Cinnamon and Nutmeg

autumn, smell, fall, spicy

Whether in tea, hot chocolate, cake or candles, these smells make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Now all you need is a sweater and you’re ready to take on the outdoors.

5. Cigars 

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The cigars from Custom Tobacco combine many of the smells of fall into one flavorful package. You can even customize the band to fit the occasion, or treat your family members and friends with a personalized cigar.

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