1. He installed a secret surveillance system in the White House

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Some people think he installed this system to get inspiration for his future memoir, but it was able to capture many historic conversations such as the discussions he had with his staff about the Cuban Missile Crisis.


  1. He was dreading running against Mitt Romney’s father


He told a friend in 1963 that he would rather run against Senator Barry Goldwater than Michigan Governor George Romney, who was more moderate.


  1. He snagged 1,200 Cuban cigars for himself before enacting an embargo

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Before enacting the Cuban trade embargo in 1962, he made sure he had enough cigars for himself. However, other people did not have the same opportunity, but luckily companies such as Custom Tobacco now give Americans great cigar options with customizable bands.


  1. He really wanted to learn French

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Although his wife was fluent in French, he wasn’t. He wanted to learn, however, and asked his daughter Caroline for help.


  1. Kennedy gave all of his presidential salary to charity

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Since he came from a wealthy family, he did not need the income and decided to donate it. He also jumpstarted many organizations that help the less fortunate, like the Peace Corp, that are still prominent today.

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