Are you tired of only seeing your guy friends when there’s a football game? Do you long for new classy experiences with the men you choose to spend your time with? Before you crack open a cold one, read these tips to widen your horizon.

  1. Throw some meat on the grill

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There’s nothing like chatting up a storm with your friends as you smell the delicious meal you’re about to eat. You can save money and bond with each other without worrying about getting too loud at a restaurant.

2. Go on a scenic hike

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You can knock out guy time and exercise hour in one outing. Make sure to bring plenty of water and extra towels. If you are feeling extra adventurous, challenge your pals to a race to the top.

3. Buy some quality cigars

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Surprise your friends with tasty, spicy cigars that may or may not spark some intellectual conversation. At Custom Tobacco you can even customize the cigar band, putting their old nickname from college on each order or even their most embarrassing picture.

4. Play Darts

While this may seem like a typical bar activity, you can spice up this classic game by holding a tournament.

5. Play Football at the Park

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Not only is it free, but you will also get to yell at each other instead of at the T.V.


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