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4 Must Haves for Your Ultimate New Years Eve

New Year?s Eve is always a stressful one ? pressure to find the perfect outfit and the perfect plans for the perfect evening. This year, take a breather and follow these simple rules to make it the best New Years Eve ever with very little stress.

Food & Drinks - Unless you?re specifically hosting a dinner party, don?t stress about the food. No one expects a full-on meal. Put out some light snacks of pretzels, nuts, cheese, and the like. The less food in your guests? bellies, the easier it will be for them to get to their happy place. When it comes to drinks, however, that is where you want to put your creative juices (pun intended) to the test. In addition to a simple bar for your friends to mix drinks, create some signature cocktails. These can range from classic favorites to New Years themed drinks that embody your guests. Oh, and champagne is always a must.

Cigars - What better way to toast the new year than pairing your glass of champaign with a nice cigar. The key here is to offer a nice variety to yours guests so that they have different cigars to choose from. Some people like light cigars and some like stronger ones, so kick off the new year with a good mix so that each guest gets to choose the cigar he wants.

Good Music - One of the most common misconceptions about throwing a party is that there has to be a DJ. Yes, having a DJ there certainly livens things up, however there?s no reason your party can?t be just as fun with a pair of iPod speakers and a great playlist.

New Year?s Kiss - They say the way you spend New Year?s Eve is the way you?ll spend the rest of the year so keep this in mind when you choose your midnight kiss! A great kiss can go a long way!