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How to Throw the Perfect Cigar Party

What?s better than a night with your two favorite things: your buddies and cigars.? A cigar party is a great way to relax with your friends, enjoy smoking fine quality cigars, and at the same time stay within an affordable budget. Hosting a successful party depends on having a great theme, and a cigar themed party is one that everyone can enjoy.? Some of the great things of having cigars as the main focus of the party is that they last longer than the average cigarette (allowing for long lasting enjoyment) and can be paired fairly well with different types of foods and fine wines. Be it avid cigar smokers or someone who just wants to stop by for a drink, a cigar party offers an environment everyone can enjoy. Check out the following tips on how to throw a successful cigar party: #1 Create a Welcoming and Intimate Environment It?s important to set up an environment that everyone can enjoy.? Provide high quality cigars for the cigar fanatics, and drinks and appetizers for those who may be first-time cigar experimenters.? Even though none of the party guests are required to smoke, make sure to not invite anyone completely anti-smoking. As well as a welcome environment, the recommended size to keep the party is one that?s fairly intimate. This keeps everyone in the conversation, and lets you use the budget to get higher quality cigars. #2 Serve Customized Cigars Serving custom cigars allows you to personally choose the style, size, taste, and presentation of each cigar.? From premium blends and a selection of wrappers, fillers, and sizes, they?re sure to satisfy both cigar aficionados and first timers. Depending on the amount of guests attending, a good rule to go by is three sticks per guests. #4 Keep the Food Simple Cigar pairs really well with wine, beer, cheese, and chocolate.? An important tip is to avoid food that?s rich or heavy, since alcohol doesn?t go too well with an overly full stomach.? Have food that helps balance out the alcohol, but also gives the palate a break between cigars.? Good snacks for this include cheeses, crackers, or light flavored snacks like sliders.? Save the heavy flavors and foods for the end. #5 Location, Location, Location Hold the party somewhere that won?t be negatively affected by the continuous cloud of premium tobacco smoke.? An outdoor location or cigar bar are both viable locations. If you choose to have it in your home, a recommendation is to start the party inside the house then move outside for the cigar sampling.? Moving around to different parts of the house keeps the party interesting and also helps give the cigars center stage when it comes time to have the cigars.