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4 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in LA This Summer

Amidst the day-to-day monotony of a drive home from work in LA traffic, it?s easy to, well, you know ? hate your life. Part, if not most of the despondency that overwhelms our elongated drives home comes from the degree of loneliness and claustrophobia these rides conduce. But as unfair as these circumstances may seem, show no indignation. For those feelings you have in your car amidst bumper-to-bumper traffic are, by no surprise, felt by every other motorist around you. They are tough consequences of working in LA, these crowded freeways. We often let them dominate our perception of the city. So next time you?re stuck motionless in your car, take a look around you. LA is beautiful; and if you sincerely think otherwise, it?s about time you see for yourself. Here are four LA activities that will help you digress from your professional life and reconnect with friends far and wide. Like most of life?s most enjoyed activities, this remedy to claustrophobia and solitude is convenient, accessible, and entirely cost efficient. Hiking, Summer, Custom Tobacco

Hikes in LA's San Gabriel Mountains:

With myriad hiking trails stretching across the San Gabriel mountain range, LA residents find ample opportunity to actively immerse themselves in nature. What stands out as a luxury to hiking ? that is, after the scenic views and fresh air ? is the opportunity to share the experience with friends. There exist few better occasions than hiking in the wilderness to delve into some of the most appreciated topics of conversation. Something about the hypnotic scenery and pace of movement channels inner thoughts towards philosophy and soul-searching. And more than any class or lecture, these instances of reflection occur naturally and at a preferred pace. There?s nothing like a meaningful conversation over a couple hours inside the outdoors that reestablishes a deep connection with an old friend; nothing like the synergetic relationship of exercising both your body and your mind. Hiking/Trail Recommendations: Cooper Canyon Falls, Icehouse Saddle, Big Horn Mine Trail Summer, LA, Things to Do, Outdoors, Custom Tobacco

Scenic LA Views With Cigars:

Prefer little to no physical activity to complement your time in the outdoors? Fear not. Los Angeles offers plenty of scenic views accessible by car. Crack open your windows, amplify your speaker to an optimal volume, and grip the wheel. Before you know, you and a dear friend can reach Southern California?s mountains, beaches, or parks for a perfect view of the sunset. As the sun kisses the edge of the horizon, sit back, feel the ground beneath your body, and ignite a cigar from Custom Tobacco. Depending on how long you wish to stay there, pay attention to the type of cigar you purchase. Stogies can burn for as few as thirty minutes and as long as two hours. The choice is up to you, but whichever way you decide, you should make one thing certain: to have a quality friend with you to enjoy the quality moment. Scenic View Recommendations: Angel?s Point ? Elysian Park, Vista Hermosa Park, Hilltop Park Picnic, Park, Summer, Custom Tobacco

Picnic in LA Parks:

Found stationed within many Los Angeles suburbs, outdoor parks carpeted with grass offer ideal locations to plan a picnic. Whether you decide to cook your own food at home or purchase something at your local farmer?s market, these locations bless their visitors with relaxing and quiet environments. All you need is a blanket, some refreshments, an adequate speaker system, and some a compatible companion to turn a nice summer day into a memorable day of rest outdoors. Park Recommendations: Griffith Park, Lacy Park, Holmby Park Runs, Residential, Summer, Custom Tobacco

Evening Runs in LA:

Although the summer heat disincentivizes all runners susceptible to sunburn from going the extra mile outdoors, at the end of each day, that sun disappears. When it does finally leave the sky, what it leaves us is an exceptionally comfortable temperature and lighting to embark on an evening run. Indeed, the city of Los Angeles generates smog sufficient enough to plague your lungs with discomfort after a long run. However, by venturing away from the city and into more residential areas, you will find the air to be a lot more pure and breathable. Not to mention, running through suburban Los Angeles after the sun goes down satisfies the eye with the aestheticism of modern and historical architecture complimented by beautiful front yards and nighttime shade. Convince a friend to accompany you, and no matter how arduous your run, your awareness of time will vacate your thoughts. You?ll make your way through some of Earth?s greatest manmade establishments, all while exercising your body and conversing with your friend at no cost. Residential Area Recommendations: South Pasadena, La Ca?ada, Malibu