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A Classic Look

This question has probably popped into many a man?s mind: ?How can I look my best while I smoke a cigar?? Of course, there?s no one way to answer this question, but follow these next few tips, and you?ll be lighting up a stogie in style anywhere.

Have a good suit?So many men make the mistake of buying a suit off the rack without any alterations. If you want to dress like a true man, take your suit to a tailor and have it fitted. Baggy slacks and body-swallowing jackets will make even the best looking man look like a mess.

Keep it tidy?There is a big difference between manly scruff and hobo tragedy. Even Brad Pitt?s rugged good looks are contaminated with the addition of a sewer rat on his face. I?m not saying that all of you guys need to hustle it to the gym and bench press 500 (very impressive if you can), but there?s nothing wrong with staying active. After all, you still want to fit into that suit you just got altered, right?

A classy woman?Of course, what would a classy man be without a classy woman by his side? Treat her right, and she?ll stay there. And if she smokes cigars, never let her go.

A good cigar?The finishing touch to this look is a cigar. You know how the saying goes-- you're never fully dressed without a cigar.