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A Beginner's Guide to Humidors

Don?t have a humidor for your custom tobacco cigar? Not to worry! Here's a beginners guide to choosing the right type of humidor. You?ll be storing those custom cigars in no time! With a major range of humidors from large to small, it can be difficult to choose the right one, so we have mapped out the classification of humidors to get you started. Walk-in Humidor Are you a cigar connoisseur or a storeowner? Do you have thousands of cigars? A walk-in humidor is for you! Think of an entire room built just to store your tobacco! Shelves and shelves of cigars displayed in one area. Any tobacco-lovers dream!   Cabinet Humidor Have a beautiful collection of cigars? You definitely want to display them to your houseguests! Cabinet humidors usually sit on the floor of your house as a lavish piece of furniture. They?re meant to parade your collection of cigars, while keeping your tobacco humid! Table Humidor Want a classy way to display your custom tobacco selection? Consider a table humidor. Like a cabinet humidor, a table humidor displays your cigars inside of a glass-covered table! Put it next to some couches and make it the centerpiece in your living room. Voil?! A multipurpose humidor! Personal Humidor Have less than 100 of your favorite luxury custom tobacco cigars? A personal humidor is probably the right choice. A personal humidor is a small box that you can keep on your nightstand, shelf, table, or drawers. When you?re ready for a relaxing smoke at your house, just open up your personal humidor and puff away! Travel Humidor Do you have your favorite select few cigars that you can?t live without? No problem! Just purchase a travel humidor and you can take your beloved custom cigars wherever you go! Choose a humidor that right for your purposes and keep that tobacco from drying up!