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Cigar and Tequila Pairings: Cinco De Mayo Edition

cigar, pairings, tequila, cinco de mayo, custom tobacco, custom, tobacco, custom cigars, fiesta Although Cinco de Mayo is not widely celebrated in Mexico, the holiday has become a popular commemoration of Mexican culture and history in America for both Mexican-Americans and non-Mexican-Americans. If you are going to be celebrating this Cinco de Mayo, you should at least know a little bit of history behind the holiday. Many people wrongly assume that Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico's Independence Day. However, the real reason that the holiday is celebrated is to honor Mexico?s 1862 triumph over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. Now that you know a little bit about the history of Cinco de Mayo, here are 10 cigar and tequila pairings to include in your celebration. 1. Fortaleza Tequila and a Claro Wrapped Cigar: Fortaleza is the best type of tequila, according to Men?s Journal. Similarly, the most popular cigar wrap is the Claro wrap. It is no surprise that the mildly flavored claro wrapped cigar pairs nicely with the silky smooth flavor of Fortaleza tequila. 2. Gran Patron Platinum Tequila and a Briarmont Classic Double Wrap Cigar: Gran Patron Platinum tequila is known for its smoothness despite its spicy finish. This balances the rich and robust flavor of a Briarmont Classic Double Wrap Cigar. 3. Tequila Silver - Blanco - Plata - White - Platinum and a Briarmont Classic Maduro: The sweet Agave finish of tequila silver - blanco - plata - white - platinum matches perfectly with the chocolatey flavor of a Briarmont Classic Maduro Cigar. 4. Kah Tequila and a Briarmont Classic Connecticut Cigar: The sweet caramel flavor of Kah Tequila will finish perfectly with the smoothness of a Briarmont Classic Connecticut Cigar. 5. Tequila A?ejo and a Briarmont Limited Cigar: The rich flavor of this aged tequila will offer a unique experience with the toasted sweet vanilla and dark cocoa bean taste of a Briarmont Limited Cigar. 6. Herradura Tequila and a Briarmont Reserve Habano Cigar: The smooth vanilla and butterscotch finish of Herradura Tequila matches the smooth and creamy flavor of a Briarmont Reserve Habano cigar. 7. Tequila Reposado and a Corojo Wrapped Cigar: The wooden flavor of tequila reposado goes perfectly with the mildly spicy flavor of a Corojo cigar wrap. 8. Casamigos Blanco Tequila and an Oscuro Wrapped Cigar: The clean flavor of Casamigos Blanco tequila balances the sweet and rich flavor of an Oscuro cigar. 9. Gold Tequila and a Candela Wrapped Cigar: The added sugar in most gold tequilas goes hand in hand with the lightly sweetened flavor of Candela cigars. 10. Tequila Extra A?ejo and a Customized Flavored Cigar: The complex aromas and flavors of tequila extra anejo calls for a customized flavored cigar. Custom Tobacco allows you to personalize the taste of your cigar from 8 different flavors.