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Cigars & The Geniuses Who Smoked Them

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What Does It Mean To Be A Genius?

Are you genius if you smoke cigars? Not necessarily. There are intelligent people, however, who may argue against that statement. In order to understand the question a little bit better, let's take a look at what it means to be a genius. Pause for a second and really ask yourself what you think it means to be a genius. Once you have done that, think of some people you consider to be a genius. Do you have your answers? Good. Now let's discuss what a genius is and how cigars tie in with?this topic. To be a genius indicates that one is brilliant and has mastered the medium in which they have chosen to work. From Jimi Hendrix to B. B. King, James Baldwin to Maya Angelou, Albert Einstein to Sigmund Freud, these creative and scientific icons were pure geniuses. What is the one thing that the aforementioned geniuses had in common? Among other things, they all consumed nicotine. There have been many debates surrounding the effects of nicotine on one?s brain functions. Extensive research has been conducted for the conception of this essay, which reveals the effects that cigar smoking can have on one?s creativity and intelligence. Everyone knows that artists often times smoke cannabis in order to unlock their creativity. However, there are more pictures of artists smoking a cigarette than a blunt. One may assume that this phenomenon is due to the fact that not until recently, marijuana consumption has been illegal. This may be a huge factor, but research shows that nicotine consumption allows peak mental performance.?

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What Is Nicotine?

In its most purest form, nicotine is a plant. Medical News Today defines nicotine?as a "nitrogen-containing chemical" that is produced by a number of plants. Nicotine is mostly found in tobacco, which is why cigars and cigarettes are made with tobacco leaves. Studies have shown that nicotine has certain psychological effects on the brain, including a heightened sense of awareness and relaxation, and experiences of euphoria. Nicotine's natural form can provide cures for a number of ailments. Some migraine sufferers consume nicotine, which can be used as a home remedy to calm their symptoms. Prior to the Europeans landing in the Americas, Indigenous tribes consumed nicotine during religious rituals. The effect that the nicotine has on the brain allowed the Natives to become more in tune with nature and their gods. By mixing nicotine with other hallucinogens, Indigenous peoples could reach deeper into their minds and communicate with the spirit world. If nicotine can have that affect on the human brain, then it is no wonder why the average genius consumes it. Jimi Hendrix consumed tobacco, and that mixed with his musical talent led him to revolutionize the electric guitar and music as a whole. James Baldwin was?one of the most free thinking individuals throughout all of human history. It would be a bold and unfounded statement to say that his way of thinking was induced by tobacco, but it can't hurt to speculate that maybe tobacco helped him think differently than others. Einstein and Freud were two?of the most significant scientific geniuses who ever lived. Both men being avid nicotine/tobacco consumers, one cannot help but speculate that their genius may have stemmed from nicotine.

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Einstein and Nicotine

The aforementioned artists had?been photographed smoking a cigarette from time to time. Artists, be them musicians, writers, painters, etc. have a lot running through their minds at all times. Perhaps those artists, as well as others who have smoked cigarettes, consumed nicotine for relaxation purposes. Sometimes a few drags from a cigarette can help you calm down and get your thoughts in order. To get back to Einstein and Freud, they were not artists, but their minds worked like very few others. Sure they were endowed with brains that functioned at much higher capacities than their counterparts, but Einstein particularly encouraged the use of nicotine. Einstein often stated that his nicotine consumption allowed him to think the way that he did. ?I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.? Roger Catlin included this quote from Albert Einstein in an article he wrote for? Einstein gives a clear indication of his stance on nicotine consumption. This is not to encourage all of you reading this to go out and buy a ton of cigars. Even if you buy your cigars from Custom Tobacco, which is the best place to buy them, there is no guarantee that you will become a genius. What Einstein meant was that by consuming nicotine, people can approach situations with rational, as opposed to emotional, thinking. Einstein proposed the theory of relativity without any hard evidence for the world to actually see, yet his theory remains proven through his work. Without having proven the hypothesis proposed within his quote above, could Einstein have discovered the key to Utopia for humankind? Maybe not, but it is fascinating that one of the world's brightest mind would encourage the use of nicotine.

Freud and Nicotine

Sigmund Freud, the great psychologist, the mind behind psychoanalysis, was an avid smoker. Cigars were his chosen source of nicotine. Like Einstein, Freud too believed that smoking was vital to the human race. Often equating cylindrical objects to the male penis and justifying all of man's actions by way of the mother, Freud explains why smoking cigars, cigarettes, and pipes are so important to the human race. According to the renowned psychoanalyst, the cigar is a substitute?of the penis, or the mother's breast, which people have been deprived of. Freud concludes that people who smoke cigars, cigarettes, and pipes smoke them as a result of their deprivation. cigars, cigar smoke, cigar smokers Is Freud's theory true? Some may argue for and others may argue against this statement. Freud himself has been quoted for telling his disciples that "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." This statement seems to disprove his prior analysis, which is why many don't believe he actually made this statement. Either way, is there a psychoanalytical symbolism behind cigars? Maybe, maybe not. Freud was a smart man. Despite how one?may feel about his psychoanalytic claims, one has to respect Freud?for being the genius that he was. Whether he believed his own claim about the symbolism of cigars, or that it's?just a cigar, he consumed them at a high rate. Could Freud's nicotine consumption have effected his brain positively like it effected Einstein's? Both men consumed nicotine relentlessly, and both men were geniuses. Einstein and Freud both made scientific discoveries that changed the way humankind thinks about our world and ourselves. The opinions of these two men are not conclusive enough to say that nicotine consumption can improve brain function.

Recent Studies

Almost a decade ago, the U.S. government conducted a conclusive analysis of tobacco usage over?the past 40 years. Scientist were able to conclude that it may not be wise to eradicate nicotine altogether. Back to the question at the top of this research for a moment. Why are famous geniuses?usually photographed with cigars or cigarettes hanging out of their mouths as opposed to cannabis? This research from 2010 concludes that unlike cannabis, cocaine, or alcohol, tobacco is a "work-drug." Nicotine?improves the brain's performance during work situations by boosting attention, and increasing speed and memory. Nicotine consumption from cigars and cigarettes can significantly increase workplace productivity. Think about it. Now that nicotine has been proven to be a highly effective work-drug, it makes sense that scientists and artists smoke cigars and cigarettes. Nicotine allows one to focus on their work and possibly even be the best that they can be. Numerous athletes, who are geniuses in their own right, have stated that while at the peak of their professional careers, they consumed tobacco regularly. The 2010 study suggests that these athletes may have been at their peak performance as a result of smoking. This claim is plausible since there has been no direct connection between nicotine and detrimental health problems aside from addiction. cigars, cigar smoke, cigar smoker, gifts, father's day

Cigars vs. Cigarettes

You're right, people say that nicotine is addicting and that tobacco can give you cancer. Moderation is the key. Too much coffee can lead to health issues. Too much soda can lead to health issues. Even too much water can lead to health issues. If you do everything in moderation, including smoke cigars or cigarettes, then you will be fine. Is there a difference between cigars and cigarettes? Obviously, right? Otherwise there would be no need for the both of them. Tobacco smokers could simply have one option, either cigars or cigarettes, and that would be that. So, what is the difference? If the nicotine in one cigarette can increase one's ability to pay attention, motor skills, and memory, then how might one cigar effect a person? A standard large sized cigar can contain as much tobacco as an entire pack of cigarettes. That is a lot of tobacco, meaning that one can smoke fewer cigars and experience the same increase in brain function. The variation in cigar sizes, the blends, and the decision to use a filter or not, can effect the amount of nicotine one consumes. However, cigars?can contain as much as 70?percent more nicotine than cigarettes. That's a lot fuel to boost one's brain power.

So which is better, cigars or cigarettes?

It depends on who you are as a person. If you are more of the habitual smoker who can smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, you may want to stick with cigarettes. Since cigars contain more tobacco, it might not be beneficial for you to smoke them. Conversely, if you want to cut down on smoking a pack a day, switching to cigars may help you. Since cigars can contain up to 70 percent more nicotine than cigarettes, you may experience the same feelings you get from smoking a pack of cigarettes. If your income is dependent upon how creatively you?think, then cigars just might be the way to go. Seeing how nicotine significantly increases the brain's capabilities, smoking cigars does not?seem so bad. The link between cigars and creativity is apparent in the Cigar Box Guitar. Once cigar manufacturers began placing cigars in smaller boxes, people got the idea to make a musical instrument out of the box. It would be difficult to prove if the creativity necessary to think of making an instrument from a cigar box was a result of smoking cigars. However, research does prove that nicotine increases one's focus and creativity. Despite whether or not?the desire to smoke cigars has anything to do with the deprivation of the mother's breast, they are extremely effective in increasing brain function. It is inherent within humans to strive for a better understanding of the world around us with each passing moment. If cigars and other forms of natural nicotine can help us gain that better understanding, then why would we refrain from consuming small amounts of it?

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Now That You Know

Hopefully after reading the research that was conducted in order to write this article, you have a better understanding of the effects cigars can have on you. Even the scientists who advocate the consumption of nicotine would not suggest that you smoke profusely. Again, moderation is key. But smoking cigars from time to time won't kill you, instead it may actually benefit you. The next time you want to buy a gift for someone, maybe your dad or husband on Father's Day, think about buying some cigars from Custom Tobacco. With this outrageously affordable gift, you would be giving someone special so much more than a simple box of cigars. You would be gifting them with the ability to enhance their brain function, relax a little bit, and get their thoughts in order. And when you buy cigars from Custom Tobacco, you can personalize the cigar size, blend, and band. cigars, cigar band, cigar blend, cigar size, custom, customize, custom cigars, custom tobacco Maybe you just want a few cigars for yourself. Why buy the generic brand of cigars that you can get from a liquor store. Increase your brain's functionality and look cool doing it with your own personalized cigar band from Custom Tobacco.