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Style, Style, Style. Looking fresh and dressing to impress is always a great way to get the conversation started. It may be a future mate, or the connection that will help you garner your next investment. So why not check out some?tips on how to maximize your style points? Start with a CIGAR. Then pick your outfit. Cigars are the?essence of good looks. Their?idiosyncratic smells tied together with their classic appeal make you look nothing short of stunning.

Sublime?dress and cigar combinations

Tobacco Blend: Custom Tobacco's House Blend Outfit: Relaxed and casual Why?: Custom Tobacco's House Blend offers a balance of complexity, strength and sweetness. It also features a creaminess?that offsets the peppery taste. When talking to all the sexy gents out there this is the type of cigar that you puff when rocking a pair of slacks or jeans and a button down or collard shirt. The vibe of this cigar matches perfectly with the dude who is trying to show off , but at the same time trying to stay cool, calm and collected. For all the ladies who are looking to chill and grab a cup of coffee (or tea if you aren't into the whole caffeine thing), this cigar is nothing short of symbolic when it comes to wearing crop tops and maxi skirts. This style?and cigar go hand-in-hand because they both have?that sweet simple appeal. Nothing too flashy, and nothing at all?trashy. young, women, cigars, chill Tobacco Blend: Custom Tobacco's Briarmont Classic Dress: Formal Dress? Why?:?Ooo, ooo, ooo. Damn hotshot,?you're going to be lookin' fresh in that suit when adding this classy, fine rolled cigar to this?style. The style?police will be coming in with arrest warrants once they spot you. The?Briarmont Classic cigar blend is a?best seller, so its almost imperative that you add?this to your outfit. This blend is great for business meetings and networking events. It's only fitting that you puff a best selling cigar when your trying to best market yourself. Hey girl, I told you this isn't a NYC fashion show, I told you that right? This cigar is the finishing touch to making all those men and women drool over how dashing you look in that brand new dress and heels. One of the?most astounding features with this cigar blend is its spiciness. Ladies, smoke as you dress, spicy and "muy caliente."?Style, Cigar, Style and Cigar, good looking man, bowtie, style and cigar, glasses, good outfit for men, outfit and cigar Tobacco blend:?Macanudo Cigars Mild Dominican Blend? Dress: Beach and Pool Attire?? Why?:?Have a six pack? Thats cool. Have a snack pack? Thats cool too. Either way this blend is a great smoke to have when?soaking up the sun, and when?shirtless all day outside in a bikini or board-shorts. This blend embodies the feeling of chilling on a lounge chair and sipping on a Pina Colada. This blend is known for it's creamy, well-balanced and relaxing aroma. So next time you take a trip to the beach or that luxury pool your celebrity friend invited you over to, be sure to grab a cigar with a Mild Dominican Blend. Tobacco blend:?Villiger Connecticut Kreme's Toro Gordo Blend? Dress: Pajamas/Bedtime Why?:?The Toro Gordo Blend is the type of cigar you're going to want to puff before you snuggle up in your cozy blanket and hit the sack. It's perfect for when you want to smoke alone and just be with your thoughts. If your a lady, this is the smoke you have when you're rocking those baggy pajamas, and an oversized male XXL shirt after your one night stand or long day at work. If your a gentleman, this is the smoke you take when you have those way too big boxers on and a tank-top before you plop into your bed. This cigar blend has a smokey wood taste that is way too strong of a smell for social gatherings. It also gives off the odor as if you just got back from a three week camping trip in northwest part of Canada. So?if your planning on pissing of your wife or husband before bed (like most of us unintentionally do), I recommend smoking this cigar. Tobacco Blend:?Custom Tobacco's Chocolate Cigar Blend (Tobacco Free!)? Dress:?Athleisure? outside, cigars Why?:?Hiking, climbing and nature walks are all?physical activities that excite many of the endorphins in the brain. Chocolate on the other hand, excites them ALL! So why not mix the two and feel almost euphoric. This cigar is the perfect complement to when you are wearing an athletic outfit. Once you reach the top of that mountain after your 8-mile hike or when?you make it to that lake 5-miles deep into the woods this Willy-Wonka bar esque tasting cigar will make all your dreams come true. You and all your buddies will be looking and feeling better than ever when adding this chocolate dream to your appearance. The taste of this great cigar accompanied by its delightful scent will boost your style points higher than you can imagine.? "Just as a key is to a lock, cigars are to perfect style."?