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A Clich? Gift For Your Clich? Father: Unique Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day

It's that time of the year again. Time to celebrate Father's Day. We all know that fathers come in different shapes and sizes. There are tall dads, short dads, skinny dads, fat dads, and we love them all the same. Different types of dads, however, means different types of gifts to buy. One size does not fit all. With all the Father's Day gift options most people get overwhelmed, which causes them to buy a typical gift. If you think your father is a regular, run-of-the-mill, typical kind of dad, then getting ?a #1 Dad mug or T-shirt might suffice. You know deep down, though, that a simple gift like that just won't cut it. Your father, or father figure, is the best. He's there for you, he supports all of your endeavors, and he cuts you some slack when your mother is yelling at you. Does he really deserve another clich? Father's Day gift? If you answered 'yes,' then don't read any further. If you answered 'no,' then continue to read a list of the top five unique, but trendy Father's Day gifts this year.

1. The Gift For the Office

Beverly Hills Chairs, Herman Miller, Herman Miller Chairs, Herman Miller Aeron, Herman Miller Aeron chairs, Father's Day, father, fathers, office, refurbished You know men love their chairs. They watch sports, eat, and sometimes sleep in their favorite recliner. Maybe your father already has a recliner sitting in the living room, but what desk chair does he use? Whether in the home office or on the job, comfort is essential. Your father understands the importance of comfort, especially if he has a recliner. Why not give him the gift of comfort? The Herman Miller Aeron Fully Loaded office chair is the best chair money can buy. It's been the bestselling ergonomic chair for over 20 years. With a record like that, you can't go wrong. The Herman Miller Aeron Fully Loaded is equipped with top-of-the-line breathable mesh. The mesh ensures the perfect amount of airflow, keeping your father cool during those long, hot summer days and nights. The adjustable arms will allow Dad to pull them in to take a quick text/Facebook break on his phone, all while resting his elbows in comfort. You don't have to get the Herman Miller Aeron Fully Loaded, even if it is the best chair. Beverly Hills Chairs offers a wide variety of office chairs. From breathable mesh chairs, to leather chairs, to simple stools, Beverly Hills Chairs has all of your office comfort needs. Plus, Beverly Hills Chairs offers bestselling refurbished chairs, at almost half the original price. Beverly Hills Chairs, father's day, holiday, celebrate, dad, office, comfort, refurbished In addition to all of those amazing features, Beverly Hills Chairs delivers and installs the chairs for you. No matter if Dad wants the chair for his home office or his work office, Beverly Hills Chairs has him covered. Visit? place your order now.

2. The Manly Gift Basket

Father's Day, gift basket, gift, manly, dad, This gift may be the most creative one. People usually go all out on Mother's Day. Chris Rock confirmed?this in his narration of the?Everybody Hate's Chris?Father's Day episode. Mother's Day has often overshadowed Father's Day. We love mothers all the same, and agree that they should be pampered on their day. Fathers deserve a little pampering as well. If you really want to get creative, get an empty tool box and fill it up with your father's favorite things. A Hungry Man TV dinner, beer nuts, beer, the latest?John Wick?film, the TV remote, and a paid subscription to the ESPN network. This sounds perfect for Father's Day weekend. This gift is perfect. It's a great balance between manly and sensitive. Dad will love the fact that all of these great gifts will be placed in a tool box, but the beer and television remote will likely bring him to tears. The manly gift box is a thoughtful, yet simple and affordable, Father's Day gift. If you're really busy and know that you won't have time to make a DIY gift set for Dad, don't worry. You can visit Man Crates at? get a themed boxset from them.

3. The?Specialty Gift

Father's Day, gift, custom, customized, Custom Tobacco, smoke, smoking, custom cigar bands Your father may or may not be a smoker, in which case, this gift might not apply to you. However, if your father is an avid smoker, or doesn't mind the occasional smoke from time to time, then this gift may be for you. This Father's Day, you can get Dad a special gift; customized cigars from Custom Tobacco. Custom Tobacco offers a variety of cigar sizes, blends, and customizable bands that you can choose from. If you can't find a cigar band that's best for your father, then you can always upload your own image or design, and Custom Tobacco will?be happy to create a band using your image. For Father's Day only, you can buy ten cigars and a cigar cutter for just $100. What a deal, right? You can get Dad a classy gift without breaking the bank. Visit Custom Tobacco by clicking the following link?, and give the gift of an elegant, unique smoke.

4. The Timeless Gift

Father's Day, watches, custom, customized, father, dad, gift A watch might be a little clich?, but what man doesn't look good in some sharp threads with a new watch hanging from?his wrist? Spruce it up a bit. Don't get the basic watches that you can find almost anywhere. Your pops is special. Remind him of that by giving him an exceptional watch. Woodiespecs offers handcrafted watches made from 100% natural Red Sandalwood. You can choose from deep, rich finishes to fun, light finishes. The face you choose can be placed on a chainlink type band, which is also made from wood, or a fine Italian leather band. You can find a nice Woodiespecs watch for less than $100, and to make the deal sweeter, Woodiespecs allows you to customize the back of the face for free. That means for no extra cost, you can remind Dad just how much he means to you whenever he checks the time. Nothing says thoughtfulness, than something customized. Your pops can look fly with his new customized Woodiespecs watch, while he smokes his customized cigars. Visit? customize your dad's new watch.

5. The Virtual Gift

Father's Day, gifts, father, fathers, celebrate, holiday, virtual reality, experience You can't go wrong with virtual reality. Your father is a guy, which means he's probably a big kid at heart. Always looking for adventure and excitement. VR allows you to escape into other worlds, experience things that you might have never tried in person, and some VR sets even allow you to jump into the middle of your favorite video game. Being that virtual reality is a fairly new form of media, there will always be something new for that special father, or father figure, to enjoy. If you give the gift VR this Father's Day, then you can give him a new experience each Father's Day to come. Most VR sets are compatible with your smart phone, so you might already have half of the VR set. You might as well invest in the second half. This gift could be a bit pricey, but it's beyond worth it. Once you see the elation spread across your father's/father figure's face, you'll see why buying a VR set was a good choice. father's day, father, dad, daddy, cigar, celebration, gift There are so many options out there for Father's Day gifts. The decision making process can be extremely overwhelming, but hopefully this definitive guide to your Father's Day gift shopping helps. With either of these gifts, you really can't go wrong. Happy Father's Day!