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Commuting Sucks, But Only Because You're Doing It Wrong

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Why Commuting Sucks

You know what commuting is like. It sucks! You can't honestly say that you would rather commute for 1-2 hours a day, or longer, instead of walking or riding your bike a couples of blocks down to the office. If everyone could have that luxury, then why would they opt to do otherwise? Maybe some people do like to commute, but who really likes dealing with bad drivers, heavy traffic, and road rage? Even if you're the one with the road rage, no judgement, but you know it's just not fun.?So, how can you make your commute a little more tolerable? Here are the top three ways you commuters can cut down on stress while driving.

Music & Commuting

A lot of people listen to talk radio in the morning. Talk radio is great! You get to catch up on news and current events,?listen to your favorite politician or activist rant about what's wrong with the government, or?enjoy a little comedic entertainment from a funny DJ. Commuters have often stated that listening to the radio feels like having a conversation with your friend, the DJ. Talk radio is a great way to cope with the hassles of commuting. Sometimes, however, bad drivers can be so irritating and just ruin your day. It's difficult to turn the other cheek when someone is kicking you -- someone else will most likely kick that cheek too. Something that really helps that commute is music. custom tobacco, commuting, commuter, car, radio, driving, music There are some people who don't listen to any kind of music. Again, no judgement, but music, often times, relaxes people. Think about when that moron cuts over real close in front of you and then slams on their brakes. That is probably the most frustrating thing to deal with when driving. Don't try to get back at them. Instead of getting even, pop in your favorite CD, turn to a radio station that plays music, or switch over to the bluetooth in your car and listen to your jam. Music can calm you significantly, but is there something more effective?

Snacking & Commuting

The answer is yes. What's more effective than bobbing your head to your favorite tune? Whether you get down to Jimi Hendrix, B. B. King, Musiq Soulchild, or Top 40s, you should couple your playlist with a snack here and there. You've probably seen people slightly lean out their window and spit something out of their mouths, right? It's usually not just a wad of spit, nor a mouthful of chewing tobacco. 9 times out of 10, they're spitting out sunflower seed shells. Eating a light snack while driving can really relax you. custom tobacco, commuting, commuter, commuters, sunflower seeds, seeds, sunflower, snack, snacking, snacks, calm, relax With one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand picking up a few sunflower seeds to put in your mouth, it's hard to act on whatever road rage you might be feeling. If your hands are full, and you really don't want your sunflower seeds to go flying all over your car, then you'll most likely take it slow on the freeway. You'll also realize that there is no point in getting even sometimes. But doesn't snacking get in the way of the mini-concert that you're putting on for the car? Maybe one of these two techniques is more effective for you so you have to choose. Maybe you 'perform' and then snack sporadically. Or, maybe you can snack when you really feel like driving right through everyone else, pushing them out of your way.

Smoking & Commuting

Surly as you're commuting you see people smoking. People smoke cigars, cigarettes, weed, other things, etc. You see people attack some interesting feats as they drive. Weed isn't legal everywhere just yet, and it may never be legal to drive and smoke it. custom tobacco, cigar, cigars, commuter, commuting, commute, commuters, smoke, smoking, tobacco, calm, relax, relaxing However, cigars and cigarettes are perfectly legal if you're over the age of 21. It's been proven that tobacco can calm your nerves and help you think more rationally. Artists and scientists often smoke in order to focus on their work. Perhaps lighting a cigar or a cigarette can help you focus on getting to where you're commuting to, instead of flipping people off. Make your commuting experience fun. Visit Custom Tobacco at? personalize some cigar bands for your trips. You're doomed to be stuck in the car for hours and hours, why not make your commuting experience that much better? cigars, cigar bands, cigar blends, custom, customize, custom tobacco   Does your father commute? Buy?Dad?a pack of customized cigars. Father's Day is just around the corner, and with Custom Tobacco you can buy 10 cigars for $100. On top of that, you'll get a free cigar cutter and lighter. Dad will love smoking these cigars while he's out there commuting.