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Ways to Emulate a Fire-Breathing Dragon

Want to mimic your favorite beast from fiction? Tiring of the human lifestyle and hoping to pursue the scaled-demon experience? Maybe you just think that the legendary creatures are way cooler than the armored soldiers meant to battle them. Whatever your reasons, chasing dragon-hood is a noble dream. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to get closer to the dragon life. dragon, awesome, hot, fire, orange, decoration, curvy Fly This is pretty difficult for people to do. One option is to pray really hard and hope that you sprout wings on your back. If that doesn?t work out, you can take up hang gliding. The glider will become your dragon wings! Another idea is getting aboard an airplane. It doesn?t come with quite the same feeling of rushing wind and soaring through the sky that hang gliding presents, but planes are still cool. They give you the pleasure of knowing you?re hurtling through the great blue at incredibly fast speeds. Even climbing a hill or mountain can suffice, because doing so will bring your body a little closer to the splendid sky. Breathe Fire Dragons have many weapons at their disposal, such as their sharp teeth and claws, a whip-like tale, and in some stories even a powerful gaze from their eyes. Also dangerous are the flames from a dragon?s maw. To imitate this heat, you can try eating some spicy food. Another strategic way to imitate the fiery breath is to make use of a smoking cigar. At Custom Tobacco, you can get a set of personalized cigars. This website allows you to customize each aspect of the cigars, ranging from the size, blend, wrapper, and more. Make your dragon breath unique to you. Hoard Gold Traditionally, dragons in fantasy tales have a liking for gold. Many a dragon has collected a vast pile of valuables, which they keep in their cave and sleep upon like a bed. The sword-wielding hero of a story often stumbles across this stash whenever they infiltrate the draconic lair to slay the dragon. But don?t despair if you don?t have a handy mountain of gold available. Dragons find enjoyment in most shiny objects. Polish up the coins of your spare change! Also, if your father or sister or boyfriend or anyone has given you sparkling gifts lately, they?ll be glad to know you?re putting them to good use, by building a treasure trove in your bedroom. And there you have some ideas for emulating a dragon. Good luck on bringing the fantasies of books and movies into your own life. May your path be wreathed in columns of shining coins and brilliant blazing flames!