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How to Get the Girl of Your Dreams

How to Get the Girl of Your Dreams If you?re a fully functioning human male, you?ve probably gone through heartbreak at some point in your life. Whether it?s at the bar or in kindergarten, building up the courage to talk to that dream girl seems next to impossible. And when you do actually shoot her that awkward hello, she nervously smiles and dashes off into the distance, leaving you permanently trapped in the trenches of the friend zone. I know, it?s an absolute tragedy. However, what if there was a hidden ladder in that trench? A ladder that was simply concealed by the depths of darkness? Well, I think I?m able to shed some much needed light and help you climb out into babe land. The key is to get her to notice you first, and not the other way around! All you need is a cigar and a lighter. Yup, a cigar and a lighter. Follow these steps:
  • This step is dependent upon your location ? let?s say you?re at a party. Start off by positioning yourself fairly close to any woman of your liking, but far enough for her to not think you?re stalking her. Also, don?t whip out your phone and look like a loser. Just have a hand in your pocket and look mysterious.
  • This step is crucial ? whip out the cigar. Slowly grab a fat cigar out of your pocket and light it slowly with a nice and polished lighter. Don?t have a cigar? Visit it right now, or you can?t continue reading this. What?s pretty amazing about this site is that you can add a personal badge, like your own brand, to the cigar, which is perfect for this step. You?re gonna need to make sure your cigar isn?t a piece of crud, and Custom Tobacco will hook you up with a myriad of sleek logos and designs.? Anyway, immediately after you light your cigar, give it one long puff with your mouth. Don?t overdo it, just one!
  • This step is the icing on the cake ? just lean back and observe. After the initial puff, a cloud of smoke will inundate the air and penetrate the nostrils of your dream woman. This will signal her to look in your direction and acknowledge how dapper you look. But don?t make eye contact with her; make yourself look mysterious, and she will come to you first. Wait until she says hi, and the rest is history.
Tony, Montana, Scarface, movie, film, gangster, cigar, smoker, rich, cuban That?s it, guys. Super simple. Go get a cigar and try this out today. The results will amaze you!