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How to Stop Over-Humification

Can my custom tobacco cigars be over-humified? If so, what can I do to prevent it? The sad reality is that yes, your luxurious custom cigars can be over-humified. While too much moisture can ruin the savory taste of tobacco, there are two sides to every coin ? over-humified cigars CAN be saved. How so? Cedar strips. Leave a few cedar strips in your humidor. Place two at the bottom, one in the middle and another one on top. The cedar strips will absorb the excess moisture from the humidor, leaving you with the optimal moisture levels for your custom tobacco. You will have to gauge the level of moisture for your personal preferences. If you want to decrease the humidity level, add more strips spread evenly around the humidor. If you want to increase it, simply take some cedar out. Warning: never leave the humidor open to decrease moisture levels. This will not work. This will only cause unpredictable variations in the humidity, and it will leave you with dry brittle leaves. Also always remember to make sure there are enough cigars to decently fill your humidor. Do not have one cigar in a 50-cigar humidor. Too few cigars in a big humidor will cause the cigars to absorb the excess humidity and become over-moist!