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Join the (Cigar) Club: A #tbt Tribute to Some of the Great Smokers

There is something about taking out your fresh new cigar and lighting up.? You, alone, or surrounded by friends with this shared interest, feeling like you are part of a secret society.?

Although there is nothing inherently ?secret? about smoking a cigar, there is certainly an unspoken connection, almost like a brotherhood, between cigar smokers. Within this community-like group, lie many prominent figures. These well-known men have been known to light up from time to time. So even though you may not be able to light up with them personally and share a scotch or some brandy, here are few of the popular men that share your enjoyment of smoking a cigar:

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Sir Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister during World War II, was not only known for uniting Britain and their allies together to fight off the Germans, but he was also known for his V sign for victory. He would motion victory with one hand and hold a La Aroma de Cuba in another. I wonder if he preferred a V-cut, as well?

Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was always known for his celebratory cigars. Clinton was known for cigars; not only because he enjoyed them, but also because? we won?t get into that right now. President Clinton was always seen lighting up after celebrating a great golf game or a political win.?

Jack Nicholson might be one of the greatest actors that have ever hit the big screen. However, Nicholson has two other big loves in his life: the Los Angeles Lakers and his love for a classic MonteCristo No. 2. He is known for sneaking into the Lakers locker room to have a taste every once in a while.?

So while you might not get the opportunity to take a smoke with these fellas in person, the enjoyment of a fresh cigar is something that you share with them and many others. Welcome to the Club!