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Knowing Your Cigar

Do you ever wonder about the taste of a Cigar? Being uninformed can have you spending too much money on one that you may not even like. Here's a quick background: Cigars are mainly, but not solely, manufactured in South and Central America. A lot of the worlds leading brands and cigar types are from Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. Each country's cigar production has its own taste and character. Cigars are made all over the world, with tobacco cigars, custom tobacco, custom cigar, custom cigars, personal cigar, cigar gift, beautiful cigars, aesthetic cigars, cigars, double wrap, habano, reserve, briarmontgrown in different soils, preserved by different processes, and rolled with different techniques. There are three major aspects that can affect a cigars flavor profile. The first is the type of tobacco seed that is planted. Some well-known seeds are Cuban, Connecticut, Cameroon, and Corojo. Each seed will produce a slightly different type of tobacco leaf with different flavors. The second aspect is the region the seed is grown. It will significantly affect the flavor of the cigar. This is due to differences in soil ? sandy, marshy, volcanic, rocky and so on. The last aspect is the cigars blend. The various types of tobaccos that make up a cigar work together to give the cigar its distinct flavors. The vast assortment of cigar types, from all different nations, gives the dedicated cigar lover a plethora of options to explore. A cigars flavor can range from nutty, cedar, oak, fruity, spicy, sweet, peppery, salty, harsh, earthy, woody, cocoa, the list could be infinite. The same cigar could vary in taste depending on the person. The ultimate judgment rests in the opinion of the smoker.