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Music And Cigars For The Sensual Lovers: Lovers And Cigars Pt. 2

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End Of The Night

In part one, you read about date night itself. You read about what you should do in order to make your significant other melt inside. The two biggest factors were the right music and the right cigar. Not much has changed for the end-of-the-night portion. These articles are geared more towards men, but that's only because men have to show their woman she is a queen, right? So yes men, you are charged with the task of making date night, and after date, special.


After you've eaten dinner, washed it down with wine, had dessert, and topped it all off with a couple of smokes from your customized cigars that you got from Custom Tobacco, now what. Take your woman by the hand and seduce her. But, wait! Before you do that, you have to set the mood. Prior to your date night, put together a "love" playlist with these must-have songs.

Let's Get It On

Even if you don't know who Marvin Gaye is, you've at least been exposed to his music. Gaye's song?Let's Get It On? is one of the most famous and most sensual songs in all of music history. There's no doubt that you've heard this song. Marvin Gaye was one of the best singers to come out of Motown. If not his voice, then most definitely his lyrics or the music, turns people on. The opening guitar notes with the wha wha effect is enough to drive anybody wild. Play this song, make love, and date night will be ending on the right note...pun intended.

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Let the love making continue. 90s R&B was the era of modern love songs. The love songs of the 90s were so good that people today still listen to those love songs. There really was no era of love music like 90s R&B. One of the most praised artists of the 90s is Genuine. Genuine is best known for his song?Pony.?That song will be included in the "jump off" article. For now, however, the focus will remain on love songs. Genuine's song?Stingy? is the perfect song to let your woman know how you feel about her. Tell her you don't want anyone messing up your date night and keep the love making going.


This song right here, is the ultimate love song of the 00s. Your love making playlist is incomplete without?Lullaby?by Musiq Soulchild. Soulchild is more of an underground, niche artist. Although Soulchild has recently switched his style to somewhat match the times, his style is primarily throwback 90s R&B. Lullaby is a love playlist necessity because lyrics,?plus the rhythmic beat, and Musiq's voice are on point. If you add this song to your playlist, then the night end on a high note...pun intended again.

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The Climax

Three songs most likely won't be enough for the rest of the night. You can add any other songs you'd like, but the three listed above are essential. After the love making has ended, nothing caps the night off better than another drag from one of your customized cigars from Custom Tobacco. Make your next date night the best one yet. Go all out, and have fun with the love of your life. Visit Custom Tobacco at? all of your date night, and after date night, needs.