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New Music: Summer 2017

This Summer has been one of the hottest ones yet. Perhaps it's the sun beating down, or maybe, it's just a hot summer. So if you've been going to the beach to get your vitamin d, diving into a cool swimming, or even spending the day in with the AC blasting, here are some new albums with big hits that will add a little extra to your summer days. Lana Del Rey: Lust For Life Lana?s new, sexy album released July 21. It featured her hit ?Summer Bummer? that features A$AP Rocky and a sick beat. Imagine yourself at the beach, with a margarita and listening to this sexy hit.? If soft rap isn't quite your think, then a song like ?Cherry? will make you want to put on a flaming red dress and some vintage shades. The album?s sound features a rich, yet vintage feel. Some songs are bit slower, but the one?s that feature a more up beat sound are perfect to get you into your beach-beast mode. This album is perfect for a stroll down the beach and a getting tan with your feet in the sand. Phoenix: Ti Amo This is Phoenix?s first album in 4 years! The album is a gift of love that couldn't be better for a day at the pool. It features an indie, yet disco sound that will make you want to? throw a pool party. Imagine sipping on some sangria and singing along to Tuttifrutti. It?s a fresh album that will give your ears a colorful, lively sound. Radiohead: OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017 For the 20th anniversary of OK Computer, the band has released never heard before songs. The sound can be chilling and put you in a brooding, susepnsful mood. But what is more beautiful than a rich contrast between the sunny days and songs reminiscent of the late 90s. Enjoy this beautiful album indoors while you stay cool. Perhaps you sit on your porch with a cigar in hand. Radiohead is always in style and will fill your ears with anticipation for their future hits. It is the perfect album to let you enjoy the sun and take a break from the fast beat lifestyle you?re used to. Lorde: Melodrama Lorde?s album is upbeat, yet a little dark. Show of your crazy and let your hair go. The song ?Green Light? will give you a little summer fever and a little additional self love. You?ll take a dive in to her new tunes and hit the summer off with a cool new feel. Lorde is known for her unique compilation of songs and ability to unveil rich colors and memories. The album is perfect for taking a dip in the pool or spending the nights out dancing.   So whatever album or songs you choose to listen to with the top down, make sure you take in the sun's rays and enjoy the sun. Perhaps you?re a Lana Del Rey fan or maybe you?re interested in something a little more upbeat. Nonetheless, this summer is filled with so many new releases. If you?re less of a swimmer and more interested in enjoying the heat from your own, air conditioned space, maybe grab a Custom Tobacco cigar to add some more flavor to the sunshine. Custom Tobacco features high quality cigars with custom blends and wrappers. You can customize the band to add your special touch. Invite some friends over to enjoy the summer heat and gift them with a Custom Tobacco cigar. Maybe make some sangria and enjoy the summer heat.