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Notable Cigar Smokers

Did you know that these famous figures were cigar smokers? Just imagine if they could customize their very own tobacco?blend and band!
  • Winston Churchill: Widely considered one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century, Churchill was also known for his numerous academic pastimes.? He was a historian, an artist, and a writer, but perhaps his most devout hobby was enjoying a good cigar.
  • Mark Twain: It is rumored that the famed author smoked anywhere from twenty to forty cigars each day.? He once proclaimed, ?If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go?.
  • Babe Ruth: Babe Ruth, one of the most influential people in the history of sports, loved cigars.? The star athlete changed baseball forever, but always enjoyed a good smoke in his personal life.? He once invested in a local cigar company that produced nickel smokes.
  • Al Capone: This was one of America?s most notorious gangsters, a pure rebel who dominated the alcohol industry during the roaring twenties and prohibition.? As he was boarding the train that would take him to prison, he said goodbye to his freedom by lighting up a cigar.
  • John Travolta, John Wayne, Mel Gibson, Sylvestor Stallone, Danny DeVito, Charlie Chaplin, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Orson Welles, Bruce Willis, Jack Nicholson & Arnold Shwarzenegger:? What more needs to be said?? All of these awesome actor-director-film writers loved cigars.? These bold people who live the good life also live the cigar life.
This list could go on for pages.? All kinds of influential and interesting people smoke cigars, for good reason.? If you are interested in a more extensive list, check out Cigar Aficianado?s article: