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The Cigar For The Entrepreneur: An Interview With Christopher Hebert

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Christopher Hebert

Christopher Hebert allowed The Veloz Group to interview him a few weeks ago. Hebert talked about office chairs and how the right chair could benefit his work. The previous interview was published on Beverly Hills Chairs' blog. Just a brief recap: Christopher Hebert is a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He works for BNSF Railway, and has recently purchased a travel agency franchise. Christopher has smoked cigars for some time, and has allowed The Veloz Group to interview him about they types of cigars he enjoys. The Veloz Group has the second portion of the interview, which is posted here on Custom Tobacco's blog at? Read the following to find out which cigars Christopher Hebert enjoys, and why he enjoys a good cigar.

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Ramiro: What type of cigar do you enjoy smoking?

Christopher:?I prefer "Black and Mild"

R: And how would you describe?Black and Mild?

C:?Its a cheap hybrid cigar/cigarette.?

R: How did you find this hybrid?

C:?It's some ghetto s**t that found me.

R: Why did you start smoking?

C:?I started smoking cigars when I joined the military. Since I enlisted, I couldn't smoke weed anymore. I smoke cigars as an alternative.?

R: Besides Black and Mild,?what other cigars do you enjoy?

C:?I?enjoy a Monte Cristo or a Davidoff cigar. I like any cigar that's smooth, has a nice aroma, and is affordable. "Black and Mild" cost me about 5 for $5.

R: Would you be interested in customizing your own cigars from Custom Tobacco?

C:?Yeah. How do you guys customize the cigars?

R: You can choose the type of blend and wrapper you want, and customize the band.

C:?That's what's up. What kind of blends do you have?

R: There's a house blend, a chocolate blend...

C: I'd like a chocolate blend as long as it tastes like coffee. The "Black and Milds" that I smoke kind of taste like bitter chocolate, which I like. I'd probably like that one.? R: Cool cool. Would you also be interested in customizing the wrapper or band? C:?I'm not too particular about the wrapper of the cigar. As long as it ain't corny, I don't care what it looks like.?

R: When do you enjoy smoking the most?

C:?When I'm drinking...either beer, tequila, or whiskey.?

R: So, golfing and cigar smoking go hand-in-hand. Do you golf?

C:?Not as?often as I should. I try to go down to the driving range once every?couple of months. I mainly do it because all the big businessmen do it.?

R: Do you usually smoke while you golf?

C:?Oh yeah. I always smoke while I golf.

R: As an up and coming travel agent I would assume you travel often.

C:?I do. I do a lot of international traveling.?

R: Do you usually pack your own cigars or do you buy them when you reach your destination?

C:?A lot of places don't really carry the brand that I like, so I have to pack my own. I do like to smoke the cigars that are native to the places I travel to, though. For example, I'm not opposed to Nicaraguan, Costa Rican, or Cuban cigars.

R: As an entrepreneur, I know PR is important to you company. Would you be interested in customizing cigar bands with your company's name?

C:?Yeah I'd be interested in that. I could pass them out to my customers or prospective clients. I like that idea. I'll look into placing an order with you guys.

R: Christopher, thank you for allowing The Veloz Group to interview you.

C:?My pleasure.? custom tobacco, custom, tobacco, customize, customized, smoke, smoking, smoker, smokers, smokes, cigar, cigars, cigar band, bands, entrepreneur, interview

Up and Coming

Christopher Hebert is an up and coming entrepreneur. No one knows more than he does that appearances mean a lot in the business world. The importance of dressing the part, the networking of playing golf, and the elegance of smoking a cigar are crucial to the businessperson's image. Christopher expressed a great deal of interest in customizing cigar bands with his company's name on it. If you go to?, you too can customize cigar bands with your company name and stand out among all the other entrepreneurs. Also, follow? let Christopher Hebert get you traveling in style.