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Self-Help on Charisma; the amazing addition of a Cigar

As the New Year rolls around, you may begin to think about your resolutions for the upcoming year.? Far too often, people are don't come up with a resolution that is worth sticking with.? Here is a suggestion: improve your charisma.? ? A person with charisma is a person to be envied.? It means that people like being around you and respect you.? It can be broken into the three categories of Power, Presence, and Warmth, and a very good way to help you with each of these categories is to pick up a cigar? Power: In past decades the word cigar brought to mind large men, often unshaved, aggressive, and intimidating, a cigar dangling from the side of their mouth.? In the present it is associated with the successful and wealthy, enjoying a cigar by the fireplace with a glass of scotch.? In both cases the perception is clear: POWER.? When people see you with a cigar, they know you are not to be trifled with.? This is hugely beneficial for anyone trying to improve their charismatic effect. Presence: The bold and intoxicating aroma or visual of a cigar in your mouth alerts people to the fact that you are near.? They will instantly be intrigued, in awe, or both.? The perception that you enjoy smoking cigars will absolutely interest those that you encounter.? They will instantly be drawn to your mere presence, eager to find out more about who you are.? This, combined with the powerful image that you will present, is an impressive perception to give. Warmth: When improving charisma, warmth is perhaps the most crucial element.? You have already boosted your power and presence through the addition of a cigar, but how can a smoke improve your warmth?? Use the cigar as a prompt during a celebration or for relaxation.? Invite someone to enjoy it with you after a graduation or a successful business venture.? That person will surely remember the gesture, and will be pleased that they were the focus of such a charismatic action. So for all of you who are looking for a way to improve your upcoming year, try increasing your charisma.? It can?t hurt, and you will probably end up having fun.? And to help you on your way, pick up a Custom Tobacco cigar.