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Smoke and a Pancake? Foods that Go Well with Cigar

Whether it?s girls and cigars, whiskey and cigars, or even coffee and cigars, there?really isn't anything that you can't pair well with cigars. There are, however, some basic?pairing point to choose which foods work best with your smoke. Just as you compliment your girlfriend, complement your cigar. Allow its flavor to go?along with the food you are pairing it with. By considering the cigar?s richness and?taste to that of the food you are eating, your smoke should either match the flavor or contrast it. If you have a spicy, savory steak, you could alleviate your taste buds by pairing it?with a mild smoke that will contrast your fiery breath. Similarly, you would likely?want to pair a more robust cigar with lamb chops, steak and prime beef. Bear in mind that your taste buds change throughout the day; this is part of the reason?the same cigar may taste different depending on the time of day you light it. Additionally, some foods just don?t vibe nicely with cigars ? basically any Japanese?or Chinese foods, mainly sushi, aren?t a great match. However, if you want a spicy?tuna roll with your Panatela, knock yourself out! When it comes to cigars, there are?no rules ? it?s all a matter of personal preference. Some people like a lighter snack when lighting up a cigar ? just so the focus remains?on the cigar and doesn?t shift to the food. A nice tray of olives, cheese, smoked meats?and crackers are always an excellent match when smoking a cigar. As much of a treat smoking a cigar is, I would hesitate to pair it with desserts.?Cheesecake and tobacco smoke just don?t mix. cigars, custom tobacco, custom cigar, custom cigars, personal cigar, cigar gift, beautiful cigars, aesthetic cigars, cigars, double wrap, habano, reserve, briarmont But at the end of the day, it?s your cigar. You can do whatever you want with it.