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The Secret Networking Weapon

The clock strikes midnight. You?ve got a margarita in your left hand and a clammy co-worker palm in the other, all while you?re uncomfortably wondering if your wife will chew you out the next morning for ?partying? at this ungodly hour. Yes, this is one of those infamous company get-togethers ? you know, the one you?re forced to attend so you don?t look like the office introvert, then end up sheepishly talking to Jim from marketing about his 401k. Yeah, I get it. All you?re trying to do is pretend to care about whatever your boss is bragging about so you?ll get that promotion to manager. Don?t feel guilty though, it?s classic networking 101. Here at Custom Tobacco, we feel your pain and we want to do something about it. We think we can help make this obligatory event be a little more bearable for you and get you that promotion. Follow this simple tip and you?ll be on your way to the c-suite in no time. cigars, cugar, cuba Whip out the cigars. Seriously. There?s this old adage you might be familiar with ? a dog is a man?s best friend. Well, that?s wrong. A cigar is a man?s best friend. In reality, there?s nothing that makes a powerful man giddier than a freshly wrapped, fat Cuban cigar. So think about it: what if you showed up at this company party and handed your boss the finest cigar he?s ever seen? Imagine puffing this thing of beauty with him out on the balcony, laughing and making fun of your less charismatic co-workers. Forget the promotion; you?ll be on your way to CEO in no time! But wait, what makes a cigar unique? Aren?t they all brown and bland? Yeah, but Custom Tobacco?s got your back. With us, you can customize your own cigar and personalize it to your liking. Boss is an avid Vick fan? Brand your cigar with an Eagles logo. Want to really make his day? Brand the cigar with the company logo. He will love you. I know you?re getting all jazzed up reading this, so don?t wait! Visit Custom Tobacco right now and see what we have to offer, and make sure to let us know how it goes. Personal, customized quality. Greatness. That?s the Custom Tobacco way.