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Top Smoker Friendly Cities

As restrictions on smoking tobacco in public have increased in the United States, it is hard to find places to enjoy a cigar outside of your own home. Especially if you?re an avid cigar smoker in a tobacco-free city, it can be frustrating. So, we put a list together of the top smoker friendly cities you can plan to visit on your next trip! Las Vegas, Nevada In this notorious city it is no surprise that smoking is legal almost everywhere since practically everything is legal there. Most casinos give free drinks to those gambling, and sometimes even free cigars! The infamous?Cigar Aficionado?holds their Big Smoke Weekend in Las Vegas every year. ?Be sure to visit Casa Fuente on the Strip, it is one of the best cigar bars around. Tampa, Florida Famous cigar makers live in the neighborhood of Ybor City in Tampa. This neighborhood was considered the world?s Cigar Capital in the 1800?s and accommodated countless cigar factories, but this declined after the Great Depression. Today, these cigar factories have turned into restaurants, clubs, etc. but the city still has a prominent cigar history; they even have an annual Cigar Heritage Festival. It is a great place to visit if you love cigars because of the cigar shops and active night life! Miami Beach, Florida In South Beach of Miami there is a small section called Little Havana, where Cuban culture dominates and cigars are prominent. There are small cigar shops around, and even though Florida banned smoking indoors, tobacco retailers are excluded. South Beach is especially known for ?mancations? (all guy vacations), so if you happen to be on one while in Miami, stop by some of the cigar shops! We recommend the Cuba Tobacco Trading Co for great cigars.