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Anatomy of a Cigar

Anatomy of a Cigar

Anatomy of a Cigar

Cigar101: Anatomy of a Cigar


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Cigars are made up of three different parts -- the filler, the binder, and the wrapper. For premium cigars, all three parts are made from quality tobacco, allowing the cigar to be made entirely of high-quality tobacco that contains no additives and has only been processed naturally.

The Filler is the tobacco in the middle of cigar, consisting of bunches of either whole tobacco leaves (long filler) or shredded tobacco (short filler). The filler often consists of different types of leaves that are precisely mixed to provide the desired cigar strength. The filler makes up a majority of the tobacco of the cigar so largely influences the taste

The Binder is the tobacco leaf which holds the filler in place. The filler is held in place while the binder is wrapped around it to provide structural support and the overall shape of the cigar. Binders are often made of tobacco earmarked to be wrappers that did not have the ideal look to be placed on the outside of the cigar due to slight blemishes, inconsistent color, or excessive veins.

The Wrapper consists of high quality tobacco leaves that are wrapped around the binder to compose the outer layer of the cigar. The wrapper provides much of the flavor of a cigar, so the type, quality, and color of the wrapper is a strong influencer of how the cigar will taste. Since the wrapper is the outmost tobacco in a cigar, it is also common for manufacturers to choose leaves that have a consistent color free of blemishes and significant veining to make the cigar visually appealing.