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Cigar International: Country of Origin

Cigar International: Country of Origin

Cigar101: Country of Origin


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Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Cuba: The Top Cigar Countries

Dominican cigars are perfect for new and occasional smokers as they tend to have a little bit more subtle of a flavor and are often available in mild and medium blends. Don’t let this fool you though, because these cigars still have a lot of flavor with complex and unusual blends. The versatility of Dominican cigars have led to the Dominican Republic becoming the largest product of premium cigars.

Nicaraguan cigars are great for the smoker who wants a cigar that really packs a bunch. Nicaraguan cigars are very full, spicy and full of flavor. If you are looking to flirt with your wild side, these cigars are great for you. The complex and rich flavor of a Nicaraguan cigars have made it a common choice for some of the best cigar manufacturers in the world and many avid cigar smokers.

Cuban cigars have traditionally been the finest cigars, but advancements in farming technologies have allowed other countries to obtain the same quality and flavor profiles once only available from Cuban soil. Further, Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States and many connoisseurs have expressed a decrease in the quality of Cuban cigars as a result of the land being overworked despite skyrocketing prices. These factors make Dominican and Nicaraguan cigars a great alternative, with Nicaraguan cigars having a stronger flavor profile that many find to closely resemble that of a Cuban cigar.