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The Best Cigars to Smoke

The Best Cigars to Smoke

Cigar101: Introduction


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Bundles of Cigars

"A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigar is always a smoke."- Groucho Marx

For centuries, many have enjoyed smoking a fine cigar. While some enjoy the flavors of the quality tobacco, some enjoy the environment and community of cigar smokers and trip to the cigar shop, some smoke cigars to celebrate, and others see cigars as a symbol of status and wealth. Whatever the reason, cigars have been have been enjoyed long before Christopher Columbus introduced tobacco to Europe in 1492, and long before the word cigar came to fruition in 1730.

While there is a wealth of cigar knowledge available regarding the growing, rolling, history, variety and enjoyment of cigars, this primer serves to inform novice smokers on everything they need to know to make an educated choice in choosing, smoking and enjoying a cigar. Once you have finished our Cigar 101 and would like to learn more about cigars, head over to the our blog for a wealth of information on the history, manufacturing, smoking and culture of cigars.